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Thread: Honoring Jean?

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    Honoring Jean?

    Hello! We're currently in the process of finding a first name that honors a family member named Jean. We've been trying to find a variant that we love but have come up with no luck. Do you have any suggestions? As an example, we named our daughter Angelina after a family member named Angela. This little girl has 3 big siblings, Sebastian, Dominic, and Angelina (sometimes called Ian, Nick/Nicky, and Angel/Lina). Please help us?!

    Adding to the post: Using Jean on it's own is NOT an option for us. It will not be ever, we don't like it on its own and doesn't fit with our other children's names. We are looking for a name like Angelina''s a variant/related to the name but still has it's own personality and is girly
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    Check out behind the name for the Jean family tree.

    My personal favorite with your sibset is Johanna .
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    Jean is a gorgeous name. Use it as a first name.

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    My mom was Jeannette (yes, double n double t) but always went by Jean.

    I almost used Jean in the middle but didn't because it wasn't my cup of tea, but I got an overwhelming
    positive response to Jean both on and off of Nameberry.

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    Thank you for the link, we'll definitely take a closer look at it! Johanna is pretty however both my husband and my's name start with "Jo" so we want to stay away from those.

    Using Jean as-is is not an option. We are looking for alternatives.

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