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    combination of Gwendolyn and Myrtle

    What are some ideas for combining Gwendolyn and Myrtle into a single name? Trying to honor 2 grandmothers at once... Thanks in advance!
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    What about Merewen/Merewyn (meh-reh-win) or Morwenna? They kind of have the "myr" sound from Myrtle and the "wen" from Gwendolyn. I believe both are Welsh. There's also Marilyn, but that's rather dated and the connection to Marilyn Monroe is still pretty strong to me.
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    The wen from Gwendolyn and Le from Myrtle.

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    I second the suggestion of Morwenna.

    Madelyn is a stretch, but a possibility. Magdalen? Mandolin? Milan?

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    Thank you! I just came across Wendell and will run Morwenna by my husband, too! I'm struggling a bit because we're planning to use the 1st name Ann and our last name ends in -n, and a lot of middle name options also have the ending -n sound which don't always seem to flow well.
    Charles Patrick (Charlie)

    Elisabeth Marie (Beth)

    Ann Victoria Mae (Annie)

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