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    Best Middle Name for Florence

    So we are due any day, although the baby could potentially arrive late and be born in July.

    We have decided if its a girl to go with either Florence June or Florence Raine

    We are set on Florence as it is a family name and we love it. June as a mn would probably only work if born in June... what do you think? Raine as the mn will probably be if comes in July. My mn is Laraine and my mother in law's is Lorraine, I figured Raine is the best of both worlds and I like it more.

    Which middle name do you like more? I guess we could go with either. Hate them both?... I'm open to other suggestions.

    BTW our last name is one syllable and starts with B if that helps . Thanks NB's for all the help in advance!

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    I think Florence June is really pretty. June is such an accessible, classic name, so I don't think the baby needs to be born in June to have it. I can't imagine anyone saying something like "Florence June? But she was born in July!"

    Florence Raine is nice for the personal connection. I prefer Florence Rain, if that's the case. Either way it kind of sounds like it's raining in Florence.

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    Florence June is beautiful- I also like
    Florence Jane
    Florence May/Mae
    Florence Isabelle (I like the rhythm with a one syllable last name)

    Raine is beautiful but sounds a little hippie-ish compared to the classic Florence.
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    They are both gorgeous but I have a soft spot for June, so would probably vote for Florence June. I agree that June can be used any time. If you're unsure, you could also use Florence Juliet in July
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    I prefer Florence Raine. I like the personal connection without using the direct name.

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