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    New & need help naming our newest addition!

    Hello! I'm new to Nameberry and have heard great things my husband and I have recently found out we are pregnant AGAIN with baby #4. We currently have 3 children: 2 girls and 1 boy. Their ages are 8, 5, and 3.

    The dilemma with naming is that we have a theme and can't find names we agree on!
    Our oldest is Stella Maris - Star of the sea. Next is Danica Faith. Danica means morning star. Then we have our handsome boy Orion Jack. Orion is a constellation. We want to continue the trend of celestial names but can't agree or find matching names!! We don't know if it's a boy or a girl or even twins yet. Our last name is three syllables, starts with a T and ends in a long eee sound.

    Some options:
    Araceli/Aracely- altar of the heavens
    Eliana/Eliane- daughter of the sun
    Astrid- star
    Leila/Layla/Laila/Leilah- night
    Aurora/Aurore- dawn and the northern lights
    Luna- moon
    Selene- moon

    Please help w/ middle names, too!

    Our boy (if we have another) will be Atlas Graham, we are almost 100% positive. We just can't agree on possible girl names. Thanks in advance!

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    Eliane & Astrid are both lovely, and go well with your sibset the others just don't quite fit IMO
    Atlas Graham is gorgeous too
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    I love this theme! I have a character set, and all their children have star names too. I obsess over star names. How about:

    Phoebe- "Moon"
    Audra- "Storm"
    Adastra- "To the stars"
    Ayla- "Moonlight, halo"
    Aylin- "Moon halo"
    Csilla- "Star" (pronounced Chee-la I think)
    Eos- "Dawn"
    Hespera- "Evening"
    Kalindi- "Sun"
    Nyx- "Night"
    Ourania- "Heavenly"
    Sora- "Sky"
    Sulwen- "White Sun"
    Twila/Twyla- "Twilight, Star"
    Vespera- "Morning Star, Of the Evening"
    Zora- "Aurora, Dawn"

    Here's a link to a list of names with star meanings:
    Here's a list of moon meanings:
    Here's a list of sun meanings:
    I hope this helped.
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    I like Astrid

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    I see you've already got Astrid on your list, but have you considered Aster (which means "star") or Astra ("of the stars")?

    And what about Nova? According to Nameberry, Nova is "the astronomical term for a star that suddenly increases in brightness, then fades". (Ever heard of supernovas?)

    Venus is another option. Though a little bold, I think it's a name that any girl would be happy to have. In addition to being a planet name, it's also the name of a beautiful Greek goddess.

    Or, if you want something a li'l out-there, why not go with Moon? It looked pretty cute on Frank Zappa's little girl. And if Luna works, why not Moon?
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