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    If we were going to continue the biblical theme with girls:

    Junia Marigold
    Esther Persephone
    Keziah Valentine

    If not:

    Dulcie Jessamine
    Ondine Isabeau
    Pearl Melisande

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    Teenberry who is obsessed with names - probably a minority on nameberry who likes popular names

    Ladies: Holly|Charlotte|Lily|Chloe|Indigo|Zoe|Stella
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    I'm not sure my top 3 has changed (other than minor MN changes) for the past 4 or 5 years. But I still love sharing them, and love thinking about how beautiful I think they are together, so if I had 3 daughters:

    Isabelle Aurora Grace "Bella/Issy"
    Arianne Eleanor Daisy (or Arianne Eleanor Kate) "Ari/Ari Kate"
    Olivia Wren Camille "Livy/Olive/Liv"

    Or, if I was going off my latest sisterset crush, Isabelle Aurora Grace, Eleanor Lila Claire, and Charlotte Eden Ruth "Bella, Lena, and Lottie"

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