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    Nov 2013
    Lysander Sante, "Holy Liberator", Lysander is my favorite name for a boy. Sante is the name of my husband's great-great grandfather (Sadly, this name is so not husband-approved.)

    Monroe Everett

    Harvey Daniel, (Husband loves Harvey, but hates Daniel. Daniel is my father's name. My husband loves my dad, but hated another Daniel growing up and cannot overcome the negative association.)

    Realistically, including my husband's preferences, I might have a Harvey Everett... maybe a Monroe...

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    Using current name crushes & guilty pleasures:
    Jago Luke
    Ezra Liam
    Ryker Law
    Kaitlyn | Name lover | No babies, just planning.

    Check out my Name Blog! Latest post 1/20/2015

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    Sydney, Australia
    I like using names I like for first names and names that subtly honour my family as middle names.

    Ike Archer
    Roman Frederick
    Magnus Flynn
    c a r a

    Francesca Violet / Arden Sage / Ramona Lux
    Allegra // Cecily // Faye // Harper // Lyla // Poppy // Romilly // Tansy // Zosia

    Dashiell Robin
    Arlo // Asa // Cedric // Eliot // Flynn // Jasper // Leo // Mason // Otto // Roman // Seth

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    [CENTER]Emmeline•18 years old[/CENTER]

    [CENTER][SIZE=3]Due in July[/SIZE][/CENTER]

    [CENTER]If it's a girl than she will be either [COLOR="#ff6699"]Gabriela Luciana Vitoria "Gabi"[/COLOR] or [COLOR="#ff6699"]Ana Sofia Carolina "Ana Sofia"[/COLOR][/CENTER]
    [CENTER]If it's a boy than he will be [COLOR="#3399cc"]Luca David Cruz[/COLOR][/CENTER]

    [CENTER]Future girls: [COLOR="#ff6699"]Bianca Marina Andrea "Bia" • Eliana Carina Meredith "Ellie" • Adrianna Elena Izabel[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

    [CENTER]Future boys: [COLOR="#3399cc"]Caleb Matteo Alexander • Elijah Taylor Cristiano "Eli" • John Luke Mattheus "John Luke"[/COLOR] [/CENTER]

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    My Loves: Cody- my dog, Cleo- my cat, and Remi- my rabbit

    Names I love: Aria, Shay, Cyrus, and Latham

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