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Thread: Twin names?

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    Twin names?

    These are all family name options. Their big brother is John which was an easy choise and now we are having such a hard time!

    Bronwen Ann ( I love this name but fear the nn Brawny..)
    Vivian Ann - too repetitive?
    Vivian Margaret
    Vivian Ryan
    Vivian Elizabeth
    Vivian Frances
    Vivian Helen
    Like the nn Vivi or Via

    For the boy:
    Barden ( dh's first choice. Not wild about it and worry it is too similar to Bronwen?)
    Gunnar ( family name was Gunnard. This was my first choice but I keep getting stuck on the Gun connotation..)

    Thanks for any help!!

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    I already replied to your Bronwen/Vivian question, but I wanted to add (since you mentioned fearing "brawny") that my cousin's daughter (a BG twin, in fact!) is named Anwen and they call her Winnie.

    I kind of think the similarity between Barden and Bronwen is cute. None of your boy names are really my style but I USUALLY try not to do repeat endings in sib-sets so from your options, I would vote for Gunnar...but it seems like a totally different type or genre of name than the rest, if that makes sense. I'm not sure--I'm just as torn as you are!

    Congrats on your twins!
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    I love Vivian! I don't like your boy choices with the classic John and Vivian.

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    Are you looking for opinions on/combinations from these names or further suggestions? I've done a bit of both

    I really like Bronwen! I grew up with a Bronwen and never heard her called brawny.

    I like the sibset of John, Bronwen and Barden but Bronwen and Barden are similar.

    Here are some other ideas:

    John, Bronwen and Edwin
    John, Bronwen and Gareth
    John, Bronwen and Macsen
    John, Bronwen and Maddox

    I think John, Bronwen and Gunnar work together.

    Vivian is also beautiful. John, Vivian and Barden would make an awesome sibset. I haven't heard of Barden before; it's distinguished!

    Here are some other ideas:

    John, Vivian and Augustin
    John, Vivian and Benedict
    John, Vivian and Calvin
    John, Vivian and Marcus
    John, Vivian and Maximus
    John, Vivian and Miles
    John, Vivian and Oliver
    John, Vivian and Patrick nn Pax

    In short, they are lovely names with lots of potential combinations.

    Good luck, would love to hear what you decide on!
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