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Thread: naming spy teen

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    naming spy teen

    UPDATE*** She can also be hawaiian if that helps with naming prospects!

    center]9: ‘DYSTOPIA’ Form[/center]

    Hey guys I've gotten help from you before for this same story, but I'm changing one of the characters so I need your help again

    Time Period: 3020

    Location: Post-revolutionary America. About 100 years from now. Not a wasteland, but infrastructure not what it used to be.

    What happened: Revolutionaries toppled the US government & instated their own.

    What is society like now: The streets are rampant with violence and only the wealthy are benefiting. THe other world nations are as you would expect after 100 years, but did not step in to quell the revolution, so there is mistrust between the people (not the ones benefitting from the new regime, obviously.) & any foreigners.

    What are the naming laws: No names of Old American presidents or major cities/states.

    Do you need us to make up names: No. Data suggests that a name's popularity rotates on a 100 year cycle, so names that are up & coming now will likely be popular then.

    Character Description: Asian-American teen (Any nationality works, but make sure to include the nationality when you suggest the name, so that I may make sure she is canonically that nationality). She is very cold, due to someone hurting her in the past. She is a fighter & tends to keep to herself.

    Brief Plot: The government has started a program where they experiment on teenagers & train them to fight, in the hopes that they will be able to produce a 'better' human race. She is one of the teens in the experiment- she is being trained as a fighter/ strategist.

    Who named the character: Her mother & Father. Father is from whatever asian country I end up going with (based on name I choose for character). Mother is from Boston. The parents split up & she was raised with her mom in Boston.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Mother & Father, names not given.

    Already Considered (if relevant): She was Maeve Olivia Kearney before, but that was when she was Irish.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Nothing too unheard of. Like I said, she grew up in Boston, so if her name was unrecognizabe, she would have at least chosen a nickname.

    Names of any other characters already in the story: Heroine: Alexandria nn Alexa Denver (her father chose the middle name as a statement against the new government), Hero: Bennett Embry, Egyptian Girl: Samara Isis, Californian Boy: Theodore Charlie

    Anything else?: not really, thanks for your help!
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    UPDATE*** She can also be Hawaiian/ Pacific Islander if that improves naming prospects

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    What about

    Malia (Hawaiian)
    Nalani nn Lani (Hawaiian)
    Moanna nn Anna (Hawaiian)
    Mali (Thai)
    Cai (Vietnamese)
    Sena (Korean)
    Nomi (Japanese)
    Ren (Japanese)
    Nori (Japanese)
    Mika (Japanese)
    Tamako nn Tammy (Japanese)
    Tori (Japanese)
    Indra nn Indie (Sanskirt)
    Mina (Hindi)
    Makara nn Kara (Hindi)
    Pandara nn Dara (Hindi)
    Panna (Hindi)

    I don't know if Hindi or Sanskirt names are necessarily Asian names (Sorry! That probably sounds very ignorant) but my favorite is Indra nn Indie because it is an different name but Indie sounds like a girl who grew up in Boston, but that's just me.

    You also know that 100 years from now is 2120 not 3020, that's 1000 years from now.
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    yeah, sorry I mean 1000, I think my brain just flipped out while I wrote that haha

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    She seems like a Gwen.....or maybe a June
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