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    Middle name ideas for Tulsi?

    Baby #2's sex is a surprise until birth, but we have LOVED Tulsi for another girl for a long time now. But we literally have the tiniest middle name list to go with it. Can you help me expand it?

    Our first is Soraya Cyntha. Our last name rhymes with "given". We do not like common names at all, so no Rose, Lynn, Marie, Anne etc. And since Tulsi is a nature name/word name, I'd like to stay away from those for the mn. THANKS!!

    Here's what is on our list already:

    Joon (DH hates)

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    thought you should know Tulsi is the name of an Indian restaurant chain

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    Jakki- not anywhere I have lived. But thanks for the info.

    cengel73- your list is gorgeous. I love Eris. And now am thinking Tulsi Eris, Tulsi Eirlys, etc. THANK YOU

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    tulsi sounds adorable! my suggestions are:

    tulsi elena
    tulsi quinn
    tulsi freya/freja/freyja
    tulsi lux
    tulsi ione
    tulsi wilhelmina
    tulsi vera
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