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    opinions on my list.

    I've been sifting through all the names I have collected on this site (which is quite the list, 250+ names!) and made a new shorter lists of all the names I had that warm hearted tingly feeling towards, if you get what I mean? That kind of feeling that it's not just a beautiful name, but you could actually imagine it on a future child of yours.

    Do you like these names? What kind of associations do they come with for you? Do you think they're "wearable"?

    - Niamh / Nimue (I realise that these are very different names but they look pretty much the same in appearance, I want only one of them on my list, I am leaning much towards Nimue. which one is your favorite?)
    - Lilia / Livia (same thing as with Niamh / Nimue, I can't quite decide which one I like best though)
    - Arabelle / Isabelle (again, 50/50 towards both) (nn would be Belle for both)
    - Flora
    - Fae
    - Sofia (please don't judge it on popularity alone) (nn Fia)
    - Matilda
    - Lune (French form of Luna, I personally think it is more distinctive)
    - Arwen
    - Rosalind (nn would be Rosie)
    - Juliette
    - Maeva
    - Naelle (like Noelle with an A, "nah-elle", I've never actually heard this on a real girl but I found it on a namelist on a different site and fell in love, although I'd only use it for a mn because the poor girl would probably have to spell her name all her life)
    - Naiara
    - Nerea
    - Aurora

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    - Niamh / Nimue
    I prefer Niamh. I like the pronunciation better and I think it's more wearable, because it's better known than Nimue.
    - Lilia / Livia
    Lilia gets my vote. It sounds more like a full name to me, while Livia strikes me as Olivia with a forgotten O.
    - Arabelle / Isabelle
    I prefer Isabelle
    - Flora
    I think Flora is a nice name, very feminine yet spunky. very wearable
    - Fae
    I prefer the Faye spelling, but still very nice.
    - Sofia
    I prefer this spelling over Sophia, and I don't think having a popular name is that bad or a reason to scrap name
    - Matilda
    Wearable, with a positive namesake (from the book)
    - Lune
    I think Luna is more wearable, but it could work.
    - Arwen
    Very nice. Not as usable as others on your list, but it could be pulled off.
    - Rosalind (nn would be Rosie)
    - Juliette
    - Maeva
    I prefer Maeve (or Maebh), but it is still a lovely name.
    - Naelle
    I really like this one, but I agree that spelling might be a problem
    - Naiara
    Very vowel-y and maybe a bit of a tongue twister for children. But still nice.
    - Nerea
    Same as Naelle
    - Aurora
    A nice classic, that can either work on a girly girl (possible nn Aura) and a more tomboyish girl, with the nn Rory
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    I like Niamh over Nimue (I can't pronounce the latter) and Livia over Lilia. Arabelle is more distinctive than Isabelle, though I prefer Arabella. I like Arwen, Juliette, and Aurora best. Lune sounds too much like "loon" to me.

    If you like Naelle, perhaps you'd like the historical name Yael (the name rhymes with Naelle). It's rather uncommon, though I know two, and both of them are very lovely people who wear the name well. Nameberry lists it as unisex, but historically, it's all female.
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    Pretty list. My favorites are
    - Flora
    - Sofia - mostly for the nn Fia - so cute!
    - Matilda
    - Arwen
    - Rosalind (nn would be Rosie)
    - Maeva
    - Aurora
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    Niamh- I prefer this one to Nimue just for ease of pronunciation. I find Nimue overly difficult to say.
    Lilia- I actually like Livia much better (again, mostly because of ease of pronunciation), but the softer Lilia matches the rest of your favorite names better.
    Isabelle- Isa is much prettier than Ara, in my opinion. Plus, Isabelle feels more grounded and less frilly for frilly's sake. The soft sounds in Isabelle match your style well.
    Flora- Pretty. I prefer Florence, but this is nice, too.
    Fae- I don't like this, but I understand its appeal for those who like fantasy/nature names.
    Sofia- I prefer this spelling to Sophia, and I love the idea of Fia as a nickname.
    Matilda- One of my personal favorites. Definitely my favorite on your list.
    Lune- Even closer to "loon." Which is too closely associated with crazies.
    Arwen- I like Arwen, though I would never be brave enough to use it myself. I'm afraid it would make me seem like a bigger Tolkien fan than I actually am.
    Rosalind- This is one of those names that looks a lot prettier than it sounds. Rosie's a cute nickname, but I prefer Rosamund.
    Juliette- Julie is nice. I don't like Juliette. Juliet was such a pointlessly tragic character.
    Maeva- Pretty. I prefer this to Maeve.
    Naelle- This is really difficult to say. The "ah" and "elle" sounds do not blend together very well. Noelle works much better.
    Naiara- Is this pronounced like Nye-ara? Naia is simpler. And prettier, in my opinion.
    Nerea- Ner-ia or Ner-aya or Near-a? I don't know, but I don't care for it. I don't like many "N" names, though.
    Aurora- Pretty, but I immediately think of the nearby adult video store with this name. It kind of ruined the name for me. Rory is cute.

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