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Thread: "Dream" names

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    "Dream" names

    Here's a fun story, I took a nap and dreamt that I named my son Titanium Maximus. Ty for short. Have you ever dreamt up a crazy name? What about dreaming up an awesome name? Whenever I dream about having our baby, I dream that I name him or her. I have come up with many names in my dreams but I have to say, Titanium Maximus puts the biggest smile in my face.

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    I once dreamt up a girl name Junebug Hilla Yasmine Lula Maybella Nell Rashida Van WoolyMammoth-no, I am not making this up. I was a little girl, and had just watched the history channel before going to bed. Most of the names came from other people's nicknames or the names of my stuffed animals, lol.

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    I had a dream a while go, where I had 5 (2-5 year old) daughters called Daisy, Xanthe Aurora nn Rory, Elizabeth nn Bertie, and Lola.
    And I dreamt more recently, I had a (guy) friend called Christopher, who had a little brother called Alexander. It probably had something to do with the fact I love those names in full but not their nicknames. I actually like most of my 'dream' names.
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    This weekend I dreamt this really intricate dream. I didn't name a human, but in my dream my cat had five kittens. I had to carry them one by one to another building. I named one kitten Calliope, and along the way I lost her. This was the night I found out my pregnancy wasn't viable, so I guess my subconscious was likening my lost kitten to my lost pregnancy.
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    I dreamt I had a girl called Artemis Silveria once, it sounds a bit too um, dreamy to ever consider giving it to a real girl (I had that dream at the age of fifteen though and, for a week or two, was completely convinced this'd be my future daughter's name...).

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