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    Amelia vs. Emilia

    Hi all,

    I like both these names a lot but each as some problems that I need to work through. Would love some input if you have some time!

    Pros: I like this spelling enough. DH likes it better than with an E. nn Milly
    Cons: association with Amelia Bedilia. I can hear the taunts now. Does anyone else make that immediate association? Pretty common name and I'd like to find something less popular, but I do really like the name so I could get over this issue

    Pros: I really like this spelling, nn Emmie or something similar. At least when spelled, no obvious Bedilia issue. Seems a little less popular than with an A.
    Cons: DH does not like the spelling. Obvious reference to region in Italy.

    Thanks so much!

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    I used to prefer Amelia, but the more I see both names, especially side by side, the more I like Emilia. I think I'd go with the E spelling because:

    -It's slightly less common
    -Shakespeare cred
    -You can use Milly/Millie and Emmy/Emmie (Emilia nn Milly actually makes more sense than Amelia nn Milly; "mil" vs. "mel")

    I think you're going to hear Amelia Bedelia references regardless of which spelling you choose. Which isn't a bad thing; I can't really see kids using it to taunt an Amelia/Emilia. She's a beloved children's character whose only flaw is that she's kind of a ditz. A weak insult at best, and hardly the type of thing to be scarred for life over.
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    Thanks! Good points all. And yes I should have included the Shakespearean reference as a pro for sure. But yeah, the fact that Ameila B. is a bit of an an airhead is somewhat concerning. Boo. . . . But it is a book for preschoolers so hopefully any potential taunting would be limited to the early years.

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    I prefer Emilia.
    I also really like Amelia but to me they're different names with different pronunciations.
    And while this might not concern you at all, I try to go with the name/spelling that, when used internationally, sounds similar to my own pronunciation. In this case Emilia as Amelia is pronounced differently in most (European/South American) languages.
    I also prefer Emilia because I'm not a fan of the rather intuitive nickname Amy for Amelia- at all.

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    Amelia! It is so lovely and classic. I don't get the move to Emilia. And what's do bad about Amelia Bedelia?

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