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    Congrats and welcome to Nameberry! Since other Berries have posted some wonderful Nordic names, I'll just say that Maren and Viggo are quite perfect together! Of course, you already know that so no surprise there. I think Freya would be a lovely addition to the family and I think Oskar would be a great choice for a boy.
    All the best,

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    Thank you!

    There are a few names we've debated over on the lists so we must be on the right track! I've spent countless hours over the years on nordicnames.

    Eero was a possible name for Viggo. My husband was worried about mispronunciation. If I could talk him in to it, are Viggo and Eero too similar because of the O ending?

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    I love Freya, and it sounds great with your other children

    As for boys' names, i like Gunnar and Oskar/Oscar best!

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    Ragnar and Einar are also really good names!

    I like both Freya and Runa; I think either one would be a great choice. It's nice to see another person who likes Scandinavian names!
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    My favorite Finnish boy name is Mikko. He could share the beginning m with your daughter and the ending o with your son.

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