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    A little Ptolemy?

    So lately I've really been digging the name Ptolemy. I like it's history and love the sound. After a little digging on the internet, however, I found a post on mumsnet that was quite discouraging. A lot of people seemed to think the name was contrived and posh and "poncey" (not really sure what that means, I'm American lol).

    So from an American (or at least non-British) perspective, how do you like the name? I think we care a little less about names sounding pretentious on this side of the pond, so I'd like to hear what you guys have to say.


    (P.S. Do you think Ptolemy goes with a sibset of Zephyr and Paloma?)
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    I like Ptolemy (and most Latin/Greek names) and I think it goes well with Zephyr and Paloma. I don't think it's a "posh" (upper-class, exclusive) or pretentious name, I just think it's tasteful.

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    Sorry, I really dislike it. Zephyr is fantastic, and needs another really great boys name.

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    Not American, but also not British - I actually think Ptolemy is cute! I don't think it sounds poncey, although I guess I can see why some people would think it was. I think Ptolemy and Paloma sound good together. Not so sure about Zephyr..

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    In the nicest possible way, I do sort of agree with the other post you found. Ptolemy is cool, but too much for a real person. I am British, though!

    I wouldn't ever use the word 'poncey', though, because it's quite a rude/offensive thing to say - it's essentially a slightly more socially acceptable way to call the name 'gay' (although not exactly homosexual, more like effeminate).
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