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    A lot of the names on your list are also on mine some gorgeous names!

    I love - Ava, Chloe, Elle, Emilia, Hannah, Isobel, Mia & Morgan

    I like - Brooke, Daisy, Eleanor, Ellis, Harper, Imogene, Lily, Piper, Rae, Ruby, Wren, Rose, Sadie, Violet, Zoe, Juliet,

    I dislike - Alexandra, Annabel, Arden, Auden, Beatrix, Bronwen, Claire, Clea, Cleo, Ellie, Eloise, Emerson, Emilie, Eve, Fiona, Flannery, Gemma, Grace, Hadley, Juniper, Liv, Lyla, Lyra, Margot, Molly, Phoebe, Sophie, Stella, Tabitha, Tallulah, Tamsin, Tatum, Thea,
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    Since I like way more than dislike, I will mention the ones i would eliminate. Sorry for the negativity!

    Auden - I just prefer Arden (as well as Arwen and Anwen)
    Brooke - feels very dated to me
    Clea - ok but I much prefer Cleo, and I think Clea will get mispronounced a lot as CLEE-ah vs CLAY-uh (in US anyway)
    Daisy - ok just too cutesy for me. It's always been a pet name in my family.
    Ellie - nickname
    Ellis - i prefer for a boy
    Emerson - boy
    Flannery - sounds like it should be for a boy
    Grace - too bland for me
    Mia - I would use this as a nickname maybe. it's just too wee/weak on its own.
    Molly - too cutesy for me
    Piper - too cutesy for me/doesn't sound pretty to me
    Rae - maybe ok as a middle, as a first seems like a missed opportunity
    Tabitha - never really liked, altho recently it's been growing on me so that i can almost see the appeal
    Tatum - does not sound pretty to me at all.

    I love or like the rest~!
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    Alexandra - strong woman, a warrior
    Annabel - prefer Annabelle spelling; soft name
    Arden - sounds like name for forest fairy
    Auden - no.
    Ava - I really dislike this name, plus is so popular...
    Beatrix - really like it; ages well and has nice nicknames
    Bronwen - no. sounds quite masculine to me
    Brooke - like from Bold and Beautiful. Sorry but association is strong for me
    Chloe - love the name; sweet and chic, very feminine
    Claire - a little bit plain; prefer Clara over Claire
    Clea - not really
    Cleo - not really
    Daisy - don't like it
    Eleanor - beautiful name; classic, romantic, feminine, ages well etc
    Elle - beautiful, feminine, simple
    Ellie - nice as a nn
    Ellis - ?
    Eloise - not a fan of it
    Emerson - but.. for a girl?
    Emilia - lots of possible nn's.. pretty name
    Emilie - same as Emilia; sounds more French
    Eve - not a fan of Eve...
    Fiona - beautiful, strong, feminine, unusual
    Flannery - ?
    Gemma - sounds quite harsh to me; don't know why; not a fan
    Grace - beautiful name, simple, ages well, quite overused
    Hadley - prefer Hailey over Hadley
    Hannah - simple, classic, ages well, girly; prefer Hanna, but ok
    Harper - all I can think of are Beckhams; they ruined the name for me
    Imogene - elegant and classic; more for adult than a lil girl
    Isobel - not a fan of it, not a fan of Isabella either
    Juliet - slightly overused and really popular for me
    Juniper - as much as I like nature names, this is not my favourite
    Lily - nice, feminine, sweet, ages well
    Liv - beautiful meaning; ages well, pretty
    Lyla - prefer Leila or Laila
    Lyra - not a fan of Lyra
    Margot - I love Margaret and its diminutives; Margot has plenty of nice nn's
    Mia - sweeeeeeet
    Molly - I love Molly; think it's underused; such a nice name (or nickname)
    Morgan - sounds quite masculine and quite harsh
    Phoebe - sweeeeet, just like Mia
    Piper - dislike it. very much. bad associations of mine.
    Rae - love it; also as a nn for Rachel; spunky
    Rose - beautiful; another classic, quite overused as a mn; deep sound
    Ruby - cheerful name
    Sadie - not a fan
    Sophie - love the meaning, can't stand the popularity; prefer it to Sophia
    Stella - like it a lot; nice meaning; I prefer Estrella or Estella, but Stella is nice as well
    Tabitha - I just don't enjoy this name. Don't like it at all.
    Tallulah - pretty, quite sassy, feminine
    Tamsin - sounds just a lil bit masculine and strong
    Tatum - no
    Thea - sounds more as a nn to me
    Violet - not a fan
    Wren - prefer it on a boy
    Zoe - sweet, girly, nice; prefer it on a girl rather than on an adult.

    uff, that was quite a list!
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    You have wonderful taste in names!
    My favorites:

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