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    Watson. I love it. If there can be Winstons and Hudsons, why not some Watsons? Plus, Wats as a nn? Come ON. Awesome. I doubt I'd be brave enough to use it, but I really really wish I could.

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    Firefly! For ages I swore if I had a daughter I'd make her middle name Firefly. I always saw it as pure summer magic. I'd think of the peaceful nights, warm breezes, fireflies glowing softly along the hillsides and in the trees, crickets chirping merrily, the enveloping damp of the air. I thought it was perfect. I guess my other strange love--Cricket--fits that description as well.

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    @marshmellow1207- I like Ira too. I came very close to naming my son Ira but I got talked out of it, I'm still disgruntled about that. What is with all this Ira hate? Right?

    I also love Floralba, which no one else seems to like.
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    A place in which i am king and you are all my precious underlings.....
    Dragonfly- It's just so fun....

    Hokuro- Japanese for beauty mark, it is beyond out there, and I don't think a traditionally given name in Japan.

    Kitten- I like cats, but I hate Kitty.

    Elk- What? Elk is awesome! Short, strong, and spunky! I am genuinely surprised this isn't a common name!

    December- I am so biased on this one-it's the month I was born in.

    Foxglove- My favorite flower.....

    Snapdragon- Another flower name. Only problem is that the flowers look like tiny skulls when they die-yeesh.

    Gardener- Don't know if this is "strange" name, but it seems unlikely to become popular...

    Zelkova- Tree's are cool.

    Alpha- For a girl. My baby ain't gon be no sensitive crybaby. What you talkin 'bout.

    Xin-Fei- Pretty sure I made this up, but both Xin and Fei are Chinese and endlessly appealing-to me, at least.

    Lucifer- I wonder which goat I should sacrifice.

    Okay, here ya go, love!

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    I'm not particularly fond of really unusual names. But, everyone seems to have a couple of guilty pleasure names. Here are some that I have a soft spot for:

    Circini, Alnair, Anser, Antares

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