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    I love wolf but it is unwearable in my nationality. I think Vesper is nice but it just reminds me of the evil family name in the book my cousin is reading the 39 clues. I also like elle but people say it sounds too much like the letter.

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    Scholastica - We had this old family bible with a list of saints and their feast names in the back, and before I got my first baby name book, I used to love going through the list for interesting names. Scholastica was one of them, and I just thought it was one of the coolest names ever. Unfortunately, when I suggested to my hubby many years later as a possible middle for a girl, he looked at me as if I had grown a second head!

    Artemisia - I think she's so pretty, but it's another one that earns a weird look from DH. Besides, it might be a strange name for a Catholic girl...

    Tanith - I fell in love with it thanks to ice dancer Tanith Belbin, but I just can't imagine telling a daughter that she was named after an athlete! That just seems like a silly reason to me. (No offense to those who have, though.) Too bad, because DH actually doesn't think it's that strange -- being familiar with the skater and seeing how well it works on her -- so I could possibly talk him into it if I really wanted...

    Desdemona - With Ophelia our middle name choice for Catherine, the tragic associations don't really bother me. It's the fact that it has the word "demon" embedded right in the name!

    Verdandi - Neither one of us has Scandinavian heritage, and it's another that probably doesn't work for a Catholic girl, so it remains a guilty pleasure.

    Dmitri - Very Russian! I do have Eastern European heritage (Polish), but it still seems a bit much.

    Vladimir - Ditto.

    Celestine - Technically unisex, with several popes named Celestine, but most people would probably think it's a girl's name at first glance. NB doesn't even recognize it as unisex.

    Seraphim - Add me to the list who like Seraphim for a boy! But I love Seraphina so much more, so I would never seriously consider using it. Hubby doesn't like it anyway.
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    I have five billion!

    One would be boys named Chesterfield and Davenport.

    Girls named Taffeta and Cricket.

    And definitely Harvest.

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    I've been a British history buff since I could read (all of those kings, queens and intrigue - lovely) so I've always been fascinated with the dynastic name of Plantagenet. I like reading about eccentric British families like the Sitwells so I have a soft spot for Sacheverell too. For girls, Clarimond and Florizel come to mind.
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    @mischa--I also love Sacheverell!

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