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    What judgements would you make (parents and boy)?

    We all tend to make snap judgements about people based on their names, for better or for worse. And we also oftentimes extend those judgements to the parents who named them.

    So, what are your best and worst preconceptions about a little boy named Horatio Felix. What comes to mind when you think about him, and what thoughts immediately come to mind when you wonder about his parents.

    [And if you're so inclined, hunt down my tandem post in the girl's forum!]
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    Horatio Felix is pretty cool in my opinion, though I don't love Horatio (I love Solomon though, nn Solo!)
    I feel like Horatio is quite a hefty name, but it's quite wearable, I like the nn Rory too. I think it's unique without being too crazy and not quite as bulky as Chrysanthemum.
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    I would probably assume the parents were Latinx. Felix is such a happy name, I would picture a very smiley little boy!
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    same assumption, that the parents were Latinx.

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    Ah, my heart! Two of my favorite names. I think Horatio is so dashing! I wouldn't assume a Latin family, I associate Horatio more with England. I do love Rory as a nickname!

    I think of an adventurous, rambunctious little boy! As for the parents...I might think they were kind of hipsters hahaha

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