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    6 Year Old Names

    Okay, so I have a baby name book, and my niece wanted to choose some names. She has five girl names and five boy names. What do you think of her choices??

    Star Marie
    Paulette Jalia (juh-lee-ah)
    Adorabella Vera (VEER-ah)
    Lady Naomi
    Ulla Guinevere (OO-lah)

    Dash Lux
    Toshi Emerson
    Blaze Waylon
    Clay Radley
    Scully Anchor
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    No one?? Okay
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    For the boys, I like Clay Radley (I just love the name Clay in general), and for the girls, I like Ulla Guinevere. Lady Naomi sounds like an awesome noblewoman in a fantasy novel, so I love that, too. (Though I did have a high school teacher from Central America whose first name really was Lady, so it can be used IRL, too.)

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    Some fun choices from your niece

    None of them are really my style, but Star Marie is cute and so is Ulla Guinevere.

    As for boys, Dash Lux sounds very trendy, as does Clay Radley.
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    Oh, these are kind of...what you would expect from a six-year-old. She should stick to naming stuffed animals and avoid babies

    There are some good ones, though! Lady Naomi sounds really cool, but Lady as a FN is a bit shady. I love Clay Radley, and Paulette Julia would be nice.
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