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    Miller or Asher for our soon to be born son?

    We love names that are less common, but we have been having a lot of trouble finding boy names that we like. Asher could be the name although I am aware of how popular it is. We also really like the name Miller, and I love that it's not popular, but I want to see what other people think of it and if they like it. Also, our daughter's name is Remy, so whichever name we choose I want it to go well with Remy. What are your impressions of the name Miller and how it goes with Remy? Also if you have any one syllable middle name suggestions for Miller or Asher they would be welcome! Thanks!

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    Miller is so completely a last name to me (I know multiple unrelated families) that I can't get into it as a first name. Asher goes nicely with Remy even if it is becoming more common now.

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    Have you checked Asher's popularity in your state? I prefer Asher over Miller. Miller just reads surname to me.

    Asher James
    Asher Luke
    Asher John
    Asher Quinn
    Asher Finn
    Asher Charles
    Asher Lee
    Asher Trent
    Asher Clark
    Asher George
    Asher Gage
    Asher Zane
    Asher Heath
    Asher Kent
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    Yes I did check the popularity in my state (I'm neurotic about popularity!) and it's even more popular in our state than in the overall US unfortunately .

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    I like both! If you want less popular then I would go with Miller - I think it is cute! I have a friend with a little boy named Jones and at first I thought it was weird but it has grown on me and now I love it!

    Miller Reese
    Miller Ray
    Miller Rafe
    Miller Ace
    Miller Bayne
    Miller Coy
    Miller Croix
    Miller Pierce
    Miller Slade

    Asher Bleu
    Asher Brock
    Asher Brinn
    Asher Brooks
    Asher Cade
    Asher Cole
    Asher Dayne
    Asher Finn
    Asher Gage
    Asher Hayes
    Asher Reed
    Asher Vaughn

    Two other last name names that I love are Hayes and Hudson if you like those...

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