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    Rules & Generations CAF

    There are four generations in the family; the first generation will start out having six kids, three boys and three girls (names are your choice). All of the generations are subject to the rules listed below. Names, ages, everything is up to you! The only rule is that the original generation has the six kids mentioned above. Have fun!

    [ ] One person must be married at least four times (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must marry someone from another country and move there with them (four times in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must be in a committed relationship but not married (once per generation) *
    [ ] One person must have at least a ‘second’ or ‘junior’ of a name (two times in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have five children or more with the same person (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must adopt all of their children from other countries *list the countries! You can change their names if you want, but keep their birth name as a middle name* (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have twins (three times in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have triplets (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have seven children or more with different people (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must give all of their children two middle names names (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have at least one stepchild (three times in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have children of all one gender (two times in the family tree; once for all boys and once for all girls)
    [ ] One person must name all of their children names that begin with the first letter (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must be widowed or widowered (two times in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must be divorced *remarriage is up to you* (three times in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must hyphen their last names upon marriage (three times in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have a name, first, middle or full, that makes it into every generation at least once *Example; Grandma’s middle name is Ann, her daughter is named Ann, her granddaughter has the middle name Ann, ect.* (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must give their children hyphenated last names (one time in the family tree)
    [ ] One person must have their children’s initials spell out a nickname, which is what the family will call them *example: Maddison Isabel Anders spells out MIA, which is what the family would call her, or Emmeline Sarah Marie Evans spells out ESME, which is what the family would call her* (one time in the family tree)

    Some of these can be the same person! Example: Tom gets divorced then remarries and becomes widowed by his wife’s death. Thus he fills the requirements for one person being widowed and one person being divorced. And if Tom has seven children between his two wives, he fills that requirement too.

    You can go over the requirements listed! If you want three people per every generation to be in committed relationships instead of the one required, that’s totally fine! If you want a family tree where everyone is adopted from other countries, go for it! The requirements listed are the minimum number of times that this must happen in the family tree!

    Include details, pictures, stories, descriptions, jobs, whatever!
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    DH: George Milo Duffy, Sr.
    DW: Antonia Corinne Elliot-Duffy *Annie*

    -DS1: George Milo Duffy, Jr. *Miles*
    -DS2: Elliot Ezra Duffy *Leo*
    -DD1: Wilhelmina Lily Duffy *Willa*
    -DD2: Margaret Alice Duffy *Margo*
    -DD3: Bethany Mabel Duffy *Beth*
    -DS3: Theodore Isaac Duffy, Sr. *Teddy*

    George & Annie with Miles, Leo, Willa, Margo, Beth, and Teddy

    -DS1: George Milo Duffy, Jr. *Miles*

    -DexW1: Camilla Jocelyn Parker
    --DS1*: Barrett George Duffy

    Miles & Camilla with Barrett

    -DW (deceased): Murphy Carolyn McGuiness-Duffy
    --DS2*/DS3*: Judson Cole Duffy & Shepherd Joel Duffy

    Miles & Murphy with Judson & Shepherd

    -DexW2: Leslie Diane Armstrong
    --DS4*: Mercer Declan Duffy
    --DS5*: Arlo Kevin Duffy

    Miles & Leslie with Mercer and Arlo

    -DexW3: Kori Eileen Marcroft
    --DS6*: Levi Matthew Duffy
    --DS7*/DS8*: Caleb Adam Duffy & Noah Samson Duffy

    Miles & Kori with Levi and Caleb & Noah

    -DW: Jolie Simone Deslauriers Duffy (from France, Miles moves to France with his 8 boys)
    --DS9*: Fraser Etienne Duffy

    Miles & Jolie with Fraser

    -DS1: Elliot Ezra Duffy *Leo*
    -DBF: Benjamin Colin Carroll *Ben*
    --DAD1*: Maisie Georgina Carroll-Duffy (adopted from Scotland)
    --DAS1*: Koa Makani Carroll-Duffy (adopted from Hawaii)
    --DAS2*: Eitan Judah Carroll-Duffy (adopted from Israel)

    Leo & Ben with Maisie, Koa, and Eitan

    -DD1: Wilhelmina Lily Duffy-Baker *Willa*
    -DH: Douglas Michael Baker
    --DS1*: Caillou Matteo Clifford Baker *Cai*
    --DD1*/DD2*/DS2*: Collins Melissa Clementine Baker & Caitrin Mackenzie Clarissa Baker & Connory Mitchell Christian Baker *Ory*

    Willa & Douglas with Cai and Collins & Caitrin & Ory

    -DD2: Margaret Alice Duffy Falco *Margo*
    -DH: Luciano Benito Falco *Luci* (from Italy, Margo moves to Italy with him)
    --DS1*: Ezio Rafaello Falco
    --DS2*: Marco Giovanni Falco
    --DD1*: Rosalia Oriana Antonia Falco *Roa* (initials)

    Margo & Luci with Ezio, Marco, and Roa

    -DD3: Bethany Mabel Duffy-Wallace *Beth*
    -DH (deceased): Pierce Daniel Wallace
    --DSS1*: Grayer Daniel Wallace (step son)
    --DS1*: Chord Milo Wallace
    --DD1*: Lux Amelia Wallace

    Beth & Pierce with Grayer, Chord, and Lux

    -DS3: Theodore Isaac Duffy, Sr. *Teddy*
    -DW: Joanna Marley McCabe Duffy
    --DD1*: Georgiana Chloe Duffy *Georgie*
    --DS1*: Theodore Isaac Duffy, Jr. *Theo*
    --DD2*: Josephine Amanda Duffy *Josie*

    Teddy & Joanna with Georgie, Theo, and Josie

    --DS1*: Barrett George Duffy
    --DW: Lola Vivian March
    ---DSD1**: Keely Patricia March-Duffy
    ---DS1**: Ronan George Duffy
    ---DS2**: Niall Eugene Duffy

    Barrett & Lola with Keely, Ronan, and Niall

    --DS2*: Judson Cole Duffy
    --DGF: Isabelle Lorraine Eggleston
    ---DD1**: Phoebe June Eggleston-Duffy
    ---DD2**: Hazel Jean Eggleston-Duffy
    ---DD3**: Kendra Jane Eggleston-Duffy

    Judson & Isabelle with Phoebe, Hazel, and Kendra

    --DS3*: Shepherd Joel Duffy
    --DW: Siobhan Caoimhe O'Leary Duffy (from Ireland, Shepherd moves to Ireland with her)
    ---DD1**: Meara Caitlin Duffy
    ---DD2**: Neala Colleen Duffy

    Shepherd & Siobhan with Meara and Neala

    --DS4*: Mercer Declan Duffy
    --DexW: Claire Madeline Reynolds
    ---DD1**: Esme Corinne Duffy

    Mercer & Claire with Esme

    --DS5*: Arlo Kevin Duffy
    --DW: Michaela Ann McBride
    ---DSS1**: Penn Corey McBride-Duffy
    ---DS1**: Ford Kevin Duffy
    ---DS2**: Nash Bryan Duffy

    Arlo & Michaela with Penn, Ford, and Nash

    --DS6*: Levi Matthew Duffy
    --DW: Lindsey Abigail Fornell
    ---DS1**/DS2**: Serefin Atticus Duffy *Finn* & Solomon Gideon Duffy *Solo*

    Levi & Lindsey with Finn & Solo

    --DS7*: Caleb Adam Duffy
    --DW: Nina Daisy Lawrence
    ---DD1**: Oona Patience Duffy
    ---DS1**: Sebastian Victor Duffy
    ---DS2**: Magnus Bravery Duffy
    ---DD2**: Imogen Serenity Duffy
    ---DS3**: Benedict Noble Duffy

    Caleb & Nina with Oona, Sebastian, Magnus, Imogen, and Benedict

    --DS8*: Noah Samson Duffy
    --DW: Evangeline Diane Atwood
    ---DD1**: Vada Katherine Duffy
    ---DD2**: Renna Helene Duffy
    ---DS1**: Seaton Charles Duffy

    Noah & Evangeline with Vada, Renna, and Seaton

    --DS9*: Fraser Etienne Duffy
    --DW: Laila Noelle Winters
    ---DS1**: Nathan Thomas Duffy
    ---DD1**: Callie Elise Duffy

    Fraser & Laila with Nathan and Callie

    --DAD1*: Maisie Georgina Carroll-Duffy Sykes
    --DH: Ethan Patrick Sykes
    ---DS1**: Wyatt Ethan Sykes
    ---DS2**/DS3**: Tristan Marcus Sykes & Colton Jacob Sykes
    ---DD1**: Aubrey Evelyn Sykes

    Maisie & Ethan with Wyatt, Tristan & Colton, and Aubrey

    --DAS1*: Koa Makani Carroll-Duffy
    --DexW: Maia Crystal Jeffries
    ---DS1**: Kaleo Makani Carroll-Duffy
    ---DS2**: Kenai Makani Carroll-Duffy
    ---DD1**: Katara Maia Carroll-Duffy

    Koa & Maia with Kaleo, Kenai, and Katara

    --DAS2*: Eitan Judah Carroll-Duffy
    --DW: Clea Eleanor Dow Carroll-Duffy
    ---DD1**/DD2**: Reverie Ginger Carroll-Duffy *Evie* & Remember Pepper Carroll-Duffy *Emmy*

    Eitan & Clea with Evie & Emmy

    --DS1*: Caillou Matteo Clifford Baker *Cai*
    --DW: Marina Anastasia Markova (from Russia, Cai moved to Russia to be with her)
    ---DD1**: Ludmila Marina Baker
    ---DD2**: Inga Anastasia Baker
    ---DS1**: Pavel Caillou Baker

    Cai & Marina with Ludmila, Inga, and Pavel

    --DD1*: Collins Melissa Clementine Baker-Diehl
    --DH: Steven Malcolm Diehl
    ---DS1**: Emmons Malcolm Diehl
    ---DS2**: Dickens Gregory Diehl
    ---DD1**: Sellers Melissa Diehl

    Collins & Steven with Emmons, Dickens, and Sellers

    --DD2*: Caitrin Mackenzie Clarissa Baker Ouellette
    --DH: Justice Colin Ouellette
    ---DD1**: Ferelith Mackenzie Ouellette *Fairy*
    ---DD2**: Ausdis Clarissa Ouellette *Dizzy*

    Caitrin & Justice with Fairy and Dizzy

    --DS2*: Connory Mitchell Christian Baker *Ory*
    --DW: Sadie Louellen Brown Baker
    ---DS1**/DS2**/DS3**: Keyes Russell Baker & Yates Richard Baker & Hayes Robert Baker
    ---DS4**: Wells Ryan Baker
    ---DS5**: Eames Raymond Baker

    Ory & Sadie with Keyes & Yates & Hayes, Wells, and Eames

    --DS1*: Ezio Rafaello Falco
    --DW: Grace Marie Maloney Falco
    ---DD1**: Araceli Renee Falco *Cello*
    ---DD2**: Ariana Maria Falco *Aria*
    ---DS1**: Grigorio Rafaello Falco *Gig*
    ---DD3**: Violetta Grace Falco *Viola*
    ---DS2**: Rocco Ezio Falco *Rock*

    Ezio & Grace with Cello, Aria, Gig, Viola, and Rock

    --DS2*: Marco Giovanni Falco
    --DW: Clara Mariska Galloway
    ---DD1**: Celia Claire Falco *Cece*
    ---DD2**: Susannah Lynn Falco *Sunny*

    Marco & Clara with Cece and Sunny

    --DD1*: Rosalia Oriana Antonia Falco Glenwood *Roa*
    --DH: Jeffrey Lee Glenwood *Free*
    ---DS1**: Jared Lee Glenwood
    ---DS2**: Spencer Jeffrey Glenwood
    ---DD1**: Zoe Rose Glenwood

    Roa & Free with Jared, Spencer, and Zoe

    --DSS1*: Grayer Daniel Wallace
    --DW: Amelia Christine Bennett Wallace
    ---DD1**: Jovie Christina Wallace
    ---DD2**: Tobie Amelia Wallace

    Grayer & Amelia with Jovie and Tobie

    --DS1*: Chord Milo Wallace
    --DW: Lauren Jacqueline Merrick Wallace
    ---DD1**: Bay Jacqueline Wallace
    ---DS1**: Otter Milo Wallace
    ---DD2**: Harbor Chord Wallace

    Chord & Lauren with Bay, Otter, and Harbor

    --DD1*: Lux Amelia Wallace Perry
    --DH: Jordan Michael Perry
    ---DS1**: Jace Lucas Perry
    ---DD1**: Jade Amelia Perry
    ---DS1**: Jude Michael Perry

    Lux & Jordan with Jace, Jade, and Jude

    --DD1*: Georgiana Chloe Duffy Grandonico *Georgie*
    --DH: Micah Roman Grandonico
    ---DS1**: Kepler Gage Grandonico
    ---DD2**: Linnea Gwendolyn Grandonico
    ---DD2**: Tesla Gillian Grandonico

    Georgie & Micah with Kepler, Linnea, and Tesla

    --DS1*: Theodore Isaac Duffy, Jr. *Theo*
    --DW: Madison Louise Jorgenson Duffy
    ---DS1**/DS2**: Jackson Adam Duffy *Jack* & Harrison Lincoln Duffy *Harry*
    ---DS3**: Grant Jefferson Duffy
    ---DS4**/DD1**: Taylor Johnson Duffy & Tyler Kennedy Duffy
    ---DS5**: Truman Wilson Duffy

    Theo & Madison with Jack & Harry, Grant, Taylor & Tyler, and Truman

    --DD2*: Josephine Amanda Duffy-Nelson *Josie*
    --DH: Whittier Quest Nelson *Whit*
    ---DS1**: Guthrie Quest Nelson
    ---DS2**: Hart Whittier Nelson

    Josie & Whit with Guthrie & Hart
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    DH (73): Duncan William Fitzgerald
    Duncan is from Scotland. Once he married Mary, they moved to Duncan's farm in Scotland.
    DW (70): Mary Elizabeth Fitzgerald
    DS1 (53): Duncan William Fitzgerald
    DS2 (50): Ian Matthew Fitzgerald
    DD1 (48): Rebecca Mary Fitzgerald
    DS3 (46): Daniel Marcus Fitzgerald
    DD2 (42): Josephine Elizabeth Fitzgerald
    DD3 (41): Margaret Abigail Fitzgerald "Greta"
    DS1 (53): Duncan William Fitzgerald II
    -DW (52): Tess Catherine Fitzgerald (nee Allan)
    --DS (30): Duncan William Fitzgerald III
    ---DW (33): Ana Sofia Fitzgerald (nee Ramirez)
    ----DD (15): Maria Lucretia Fitzgerald
    -----DBf (16): Brett Joseph Miller
    ----DD (12): Rosa Gloria Fitzgerald
    --DD (27): Catherine Grace Jasper (nee Fitzgerald)
    ---DH (d.26): Malcolm Robert Jasper
    ----DD/DD (3): Daisy Patricia Jasper and Madeleine Florence Jasper
    --DS (25): Martin Peter Fitzgerald
    ---DW (25): Zooey Louise Fitzgerald (nee Mayor)
    ----DS (3): Lewis Conrad Fitzgerald
    ----DD (nb): Erin Eleanor Fitzgerald
    DS2 (50): Ian Matthew Fitzgerald
    -DW (d.27): Charlotte Beatrice Fitzgerald (nee Fischer)
    --DS (22): Charles Benjamin Fitzgerald "Charlie"
    ---DW (24): Molly Harriet Fitzgerald (nee Starling)
    -DexW (44): Keira Lili Lang
    -DexW (45): Eva Saanvi Wainwright
    Eva is from India. Ian moved to India after they were married so she wouldn't have to uproot Aanya, Diya, and Myra.
    --DSD (25): Aanya Carmen Howell (nee Wainwright)
    ---DH (27): Albert Christopher Howell
    ----DD (8): Sadie Carmen Howell
    ----DS (5): Derek Jonah Howell
    --DSD (24): Diya Jasmine Tesla (nee Wainwright)
    ---DH (25): Troy Rafael Tesla
    ----DS (2): Clyde Patrick Tesla
    ----DS (nb): Warren Joshua Tesla
    --DSD (22): Myra Anika Othrill (nee Wainwright)
    ---DH (25): Lorenzo Antony Othrill
    ----DS (2): Leonardo Edouard Othrill "Leo"
    --DS (16): Archer Vivaan Fitzgerald
    -DW (37): Amy Georgiana Nash-Fitzgerald
    Amy is from Australia. Ian moved to Australia after they were married. Archer decided to move with his father.
    --DS/DS (8): Jack Peregrine Fitzgerald and Ethan Neville Fitzgerald
    DD1 (48): Rebecca Mary Barrow (nee Fitzgerald)
    -DexH (50): George Elliott Barrow
    --DS (29): Elliott Rhys Barrow
    ---DW (32): Elsa Imogen Barrow (nee Heywood)
    ----DS (7): Emmett Dylan Barrow
    ----DD (5): Edith Gwen Barrow
    ----DS (3): Elijah Connor Barrow
    ----DS (1): Ethan Samuel Barrow
    ----DD (nb): Eloise Daisy Barrow
    --DS (d.26): Colin Levi Barrow
    ---DW (29): Jane Dorothy Barrow (nee Norton)
    ----DS (4): Xavier Colin Barrow
    --DS (23): David Owen Barrow
    -DBf (45): Kevin Frank McClane
    DS3 (46): Daniel Marcus Fitzgerald
    -DW (50): Kayleigh Renee Johnson-Fitzgerald
    --DS (26): Chase Jaxson Fitzgerald
    ---DW (26): Petunia Summer Fitzgerald (nee Crawford)
    ----DD (3): Emmabel River Fitzgerald
    ----DS/DS (nb): Rory Viktor Fitzgerald and Finn Cobalt Fitzgerald
    --DS (24): Hayden Marc Fitzgerald
    ---DW (24): Lila Erin Fitzgerald (nee Musgrove)
    ----DS (1): Simon Isaiah Fitzgerald
    DD2 (42): Josephine Elizabeth Fitzgerald-Parks
    -DH (44): Wyatt Easton Parks
    --DD (25): Clara Elizabeth Thatcher (nee Fitzgerald-Parks)
    ---DH (26): Wesley Damien Thatcher
    ----DAD (2): Emily Elizabeth Cho Thatcher
    Emily was adopted from China.
    --DS (24): August Leo Fitzgerald-Parks "Gus"
    ---DexH (27): Nolan Jesse Powell
    ---DPartner (26): Ryan Jacob Turner
    DD3 (41): Margaret Abigail Kowalski (nee Fitzgerald) "Greta"
    -DH (45): Henryk Bartos Kowalski
    Henryk is from Poland. Margaret moved to Poland with him after they were married.
    --DD (21): Lillian Zosia Kennedy (nee Kowalski)
    ---DH (22): Brandon Tyler Kennedy
    ----DD/DD/DD (nb): Ariana Megan Kennedy, Cecilia Joan Kennedy, and Matilda Susan Kennedy
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    The Prescott Family

    Cecil James & Violet Emmeline Prescott (88/85)
    Eliza Genevieve Prescott (62)
    Mary Emmeline Prescott (60)
    William James Prescott (59)
    George Nicholas Prescott (56)
    Arthur Philip Prescott (55)
    Lillian Clare Prescott (47)


    DW: Eliza Genevieve (Prescott) Lawrence (62)
    DH: Andrew Ezra Lawrence Sr. (63)
    -DS 1:Andrew "Andy" Ezra Lawrence Jr. (37)
    --DW: Natalie Elise Lawrence (35)
    --DD1: Miriam "Mira" Elise Lawrence (9)
    --DS1: Andrew "Ezra" Ezra Lawrence (6)
    -DD 1:Allison "Alli" Genevieve (Lawrence) Johnson (35)
    --DH: Mitchell Cade Johnson (33)
    --DD1: Lorelei Genevieve Johnson (5)
    -DD 2: Abigail "Abby" Violet (Lawrence) Evans (35)
    --DH: Timothy "Tim" Michael Evans (42)
    --DS: Archer "Abe" Blake Evans (13)
    --DS: Soren Timothy Evans (12)
    --DS: Flynn Michael Evans (7)


    DW: Mary Emmeline (Prescott) Fischer (60)
    DH: John Theodore Fischer (60)
    -DS1: Daniel "Dan" Theodore Fischer Sr. (39)
    --DexW: Laura Grace Fischer (38)
    --DS: Daniel Theodore Fischer Jr. (8)
    --DS: Cedric James Fischer (6)
    --DD: Celia Jane Fischer (6)
    -DS2: Samuel "Sam" John Fischer (35)
    --DGF: Vera Rosaline Hernandez (29)
    --DD1: Azula "Zuzu" Rosaline Fischer (4)
    --DS1: Matteo "Matty" John Fischer (2)
    -DD1: Lydia Mary (Fischer) Barnaby (33)
    --DH: Clint Eric Barnaby (53)
    --DstepD: Alexandra "Alex" Louise Barnaby (19)
    --DstepS: Nicholas "Nick" Eric Barnaby (15)
    --DstepD: Gwendolyn "Gwen" Natasha Barnaby (13)
    --DS: Aaron Clint Barnaby (3)
    --DD: Lucy Violet Barnaby (2)
    --DD: Gemma Mary Barnaby (NB)
    -DD2: Rebecca Emmeline (Fischer) Takao (27)
    --DH: Atsushi Takao (28) - from Japan, where the couple now lives. They met while Rebecca was visiting her Uncle William's family.
    --DD: Yuyuka Takao (3)
    --DS: Shoji Takao (1)


    DH: William James Prescott (59)
    DW: Keiko Tanaka (59) - from Japan, where the couple now lives
    -DD: Satsuki Violet Tanaka (35)
    --DH: Shiro Nakamura (38)
    --DS: Kenji Nakamura (10)
    --DD: Aya Nakamura (7)
    --DS: Shoyo Nakamura (3)
    -DS: Tetsuya "Tetsu" James Tanaka (33)
    --DW: Airi Tanaka (28)
    --DS: Ryota James Tanaka (2)
    --DD: Rei Violet Tanaka (2)
    -DS: Daiki William Tanaka (33)
    --DW: Suzume Sugawara (34)
    --DstepS: Seijiro Sugawara (10)
    --DD: Hotaru Tanaka (NB)
    -DS: Shintarou "Shin" Cecil Tanaka (33)
    --DW: Futaba Tanaka (33)
    --DD: Nagisa Tanaka (7)
    --DD: Kagura Tanaka (5)
    --DD: Sawako Tanaka (4)
    --DD: Midori Tanaka (1)
    --DD: Nanami Tanaka (NB)


    DH: George Nicholas Prescott (56)
    DexW1: Nina Marianne Prescott (59)
    DexW2: Veronica Jolene Prescott (56)
    DexW3: Carrie Renee Prescott (54)
    -DS: Grant Alec Prescott (26)
    --DGF: Rachel Alexis Miller (24)
    --DS: Grayson Alec Miller-Prescott (1)
    -DS: Blake Thomas Prescott (26)
    --DW: Jillian Hannah Prescott (27)
    --DD: Hazel Jillian Lucille Prescott (3)
    --DD: Elsa Vivienne Ilene Prescott (2)
    DW4 (deceased): Theresa Helen Prescott (55)
    -DD: Julia Helen Prescott-Green (23)
    --DH: Aaron Thomas Prescott-Green (24)
    --DD: Nora Helen Prescott-Green (NB)
    -DD: Cecelia Grace Prescott (22)
    --DBF: Clark Anthony Sorenson (24)
    -DS: Nathan "Nate" Nicholas Prescott (19)
    DW5: Elise Vivian Prescott (49)
    -DS: Derek Cecil Prescott (12)
    -DS: Evan George Prescott (8)


    DH: Arthur Philip Prescott-Phelps (55)
    -DexW1: Diana Christine Prescott (53)
    -DS: Weston Javier Prescott (20) - adopted from Mexico
    --DGF: Marina Jane Wilson
    --DS: Asher Philip Wilson-Prescott (2)
    -DD: Lila Mi-Yun Prescott (19) - adopted from Korea
    -DW2 (deceased): Marcheline Emilie Prescott - from France, where Arthur now lives (50)
    --DD: Lucienne "Lucie" Abeo Prescott - adopted from Nigeria (14)
    -DW3: Karen Amelia Prescott-Phelps (51)
    -DD: Emily Ksenia Prescott-Phelps (8) - adopted from Russia

    DW: Lillian Clare Prescott-Song (47)
    -DH: Kang-Dae Prescott-Song (48) - from South Korea, where the family now lives
    --DD: Yu-Na Prescott-Song (12)
    --DD: Hyun-Ae Prescott-Song (9)
    --DS: Jae-Hwa Prescott-Song (5)

    Gen 1: Cecil & Violet

    Gen 2 - Cecil & Violet's kids: Eliza, Mary, William, George, Arthur, & Lillian

    Gen 3 - Cecil & Violet's grandkids: Andrew, Allison, Abigail, Daniel, Samuel, Lydia, Rebecca, Satsuki, Daiki, Tetsuya, Shintarou, Grant, Blake, Julia, Cecelia, Derek, Evan, Weston, Lila, Lucie, Emily, Yu-Na, Hyun-Ae, & Jae-Hwa

    Gen 4 - Cecil & Violet's great grandkids: Mira, Ezra, Lorelei, Abe, Soren, Flynn, Daniel, Cedric, Celia, Azula, Matteo, Alex, Nick, Gwen, Aaron, Lucy, Gemma, Yuyuka, Shoji, Kenji, Aya, Shoyo, Ryota, Rei, Seijiro, Hotaru, Nagisa, Kagura, Sawako, Midori, Nanami, Grayson, Hazel, Elsa, Nora, & Asher
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    Joseph nn Joe and Catherine nn Cate met in a park and got married 5 months later when they were 23 and 20 in a small ceremony in NYC. They'd been living with Joe's parents for 6 months and after Cate got pregnant they moved in their own small house. When Joseph turned 25 he finished law school and through the years he became a very famous lawyer in NYC. He opened his own law firm the year when Donna was born. Catherine has been a stay-at-home mom but she loves litterature and wrote 7 novels. The last one was published 15 years ago.

    DH: Joseph Henry Montgomery (84)
    DW: Catherine Lana Montgomery (81)
    DS: James Theodore Montgomery (60)
    DD: Martha Josephine Montgomery (58)
    DS: Lawrence Daniel Montgomery (57)
    DD: Donna Catherine Montgomery (54)
    DD: Madeline Yvette Montgomery (51)
    DS: Raymond Stephen Montgomery (50)

    James Theodore is the eldest son of Joe and Cate Montgomery. He went to Harvard and became a lawyer just like his father. He is a father to 8 children and was married 5 times. His first wife was his hight school sweetheart. They got married in college and had two children. When their daughter Erin turned 2 they decided to split. Evelyn remarried 2 years later to John Cornwell. Evelyn and John had 7 children together. Jamesand second wife Hattie have been together for 7 years and had two daughters and a son together. Hattie moved to Australia with James' three children after the divorce. James' third wife Holly was a musician. After the divorce she moved to Europe so their son Mike spend most of his time with James and his grandparents. He and his fourth life Laetita who's also a lawyer got married after she got pregnant. They divorced 10 years later because of their busy schedules. They spend most of the time apart and Laetitia decided to move to LA. Their son Ian lived with both James and Laetitia in California and NYC. James and his wife Leah met at work. She's 18 years his junior so before tying the knot they dated for three years. They welcomed twin daughters Alice and Alexis six years ago.

    DH: James Theodore Montgomery (60)
    DW1: Evelyn Anna Cornwell (61)
    DS: James Theodore Montgomery Jr. (36)
    DD: Erin Kathleen Montgomery (35)

    DW2: Hattie Marie Montgomery (58)
    DD: Angela Heidi Montgomery (31)
    DD: Melissa Julie Montgomery (28)
    DS: George Kevin Montgomery (26)

    DW3: Holly Carmen Jennnings (59)
    DS: Michael Jack Montgomery (24)

    DW4: Laetitia Ellen Montgomery (50)
    DS: Ian Derek Montgomery (20)

    DW5: Leah Cassandra Montgomery (42)
    DD/DD: Alexis Grace Montgomery & Alice Emily Montgomery (6)

    James has 10 grandchildren.

    James Theodore Jr. met Julianne at a party when he was 22 and she was 18. They got married two years later in Las Vegas. They have 4 children together. James is a lawyer and Julianne is a publisher.

    DH: James Theodore Montgomery Jr. (36)
    DW: Julianne Marissa Montgomery (32)
    DS: James Theodore Montgomery Jr.(10)
    DS: Oliver Vincent Montgomery (7)
    DD: Cecily Evelyn Montgomery (3)
    DD: Isobel Caroline Montgomery (1)

    Erin and Elijah have been together for 15 years. They have three children together. Erin and Elijah run a restaurant business together.

    DH: Elijah Noah Coleen (36)
    DW: Erin Kathleen Coleen (35)
    DS: Evan Nicholas Coleen (4)
    DD: Elsa Nouvel Coleen (3)
    DD: Evelyn Nina Coleen (2)

    Angela met Hudson one summer when she came to visit her father, she was 16 years old. 7 years later they got married and she moved back to US from Australia. Angela helps to promote her sister's clothing line in the US. Hudson is a chemist and works in the lab. They have one son.

    DH: Hudson Cary Hart (32)
    DW: Angela Heidi Hart (31)
    DS: Maxwell Cary Hart (7)

    Melissa Julie Montgomery is a fashion designer and lives in France with her boyfriend Luc Etienne Montieu. she moved there to study fashion in Paris where she met her boyfriend, Luc is a racing dri. Last year they welcomed twin baby girls.

    DGF: Melissa Julie Montgomery
    DBF: Luc Etienne Montieu
    DDs: Margaux Celia Montgomery - Montieu & Maeve Lana Montgomery - Montieu

    George Kevin Montgomery got married last year to Amy Candice four months ago. They met 2 years ago in South Africa where Amy. They now live in Australia where George grew up.

    DH: George Kevin Montgomery (26)
    DW: Amy Candice Montgomery (24)

    Michael Jack Montgomery studies in Stanford. After he's done he'll be a lawyer like James. His girlfriend Lily does the same thing. They've been living together since last year.

    DBF: Michael Jack Montgomery
    DGF: Lily Camilla Campbell

    Martha and Gerard met in med. school. They got married while still in medical schoola and welcomed their first son when they both were surgical interns. Martha is a pediatric surgeon and Gerard was a neurosurgeon. He was diagnosed with lung sarcoma at 37 years old and died one year later. Martha remarried five years later to her colleague cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Richard Patrick Harrison whose wife Priscilla Johanna Harrison died while giving birth to their son William when she was 28 years old. He raised them as a single father. Together Martha and Rick have two daughters.

    DD: Martha Josephine Montgomery (58)
    DH1: Gerard Keith Allan (38) -deceased
    DS: Peter Gerard Allan (31)
    DD: Philippa Kate Allan (29)
    DD: Penelope Mary Allan (25)

    DH2: Richard Patrick Harrison (60)
    SDS: Charles Porter Harrison (34)
    SDD: Louise Priscilla Harrison (32)
    SDS: William Parker Harrison (30)
    DD: Portia Prudence Harrison (18)
    DD: Penrose Phoebe Harrison (16)


    Martha and Richard have 4 granddchildren.

    Charles married his best friend Morgan Nancy Cooper two years ago. They have one son and both are endocrinologists.

    DH: Charles Porter Harrison (34)
    DW: Morgan Nancy Harrison (33)
    DS: Hendrix Cooper Harrison (2)

    Louise met her husband Dean Eric Elliot in San Francisco. He is a famous soccer player in England. One year after meeting him Louise moved to England and married Dean. They now live in Manchester with their two daughters. Louise is a senior resident in surgical oncology.

    DW: Louise Priscilla Elliot (32)
    DH: Dean Eric Jude Elliot (33)
    DD: Johanna Aria Neve Elliot (4) 'Jane'
    DD: Elinor Lana Louise Elliot (2) 'Elle'

    Peter is (31) is a chief resident in neurosurgery. He decided to be a neurosurgeon like his late father. His wife is a junior resident in neurology. They met in med. school and have 2 children together.
    DH: Peter Gerard Allan (31)
    DW: Ruth Sarah Allan (31)
    DS: Keith Gerard Allan (4)
    DS: Magnus Calvin Allan (2)

    Philippa Kate Allan (29) is pediatrician specializing in neonatology. Pippa and her fiance Matt have been living together for 5 years. Matt is the head of pediatric department in the same hospital Pippa works at, he popped the question last Christmas.
    DF: Matthew John Alcott (38)
    DFE: Philippa Kate Allan (29)

    Penny Allan (25) is dating a dentist, but unlike her siblings she chose to become a pharmacist. They've been dating for 7 years. One month ago they welcomed a baby girl.
    DGF: Penelope Mary Allan (25)
    DBF: Leo Maximus Maddison (29)
    DD: Maxine Josephine Maddison (nb)

    William is a senior resident in plastic surgery. He met his girlfriend in the law firm where his step-uncle works. Rose's a lawyer.
    DBF: William Parker Harrison (30)
    DGF: Rosalie Monica Benson (29)
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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