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    Name sightings: Jeremia, Jhon, Milan

    I was looking up a chain of restaurants for my mum and there were contacts named Jeremia, Jhon, and Milan. My first thought was that Jeremia is a creative feminization of Jeremiah. I can't help but wonder if Jhon was (mis)spelled that way on purpose to be different or if the parents just didn't know how to spell it. Jhon has a very Hispanic surname, I looked up Milan's and it's Turkish, Jeremia's isn't particularly ethnic.

    Jeremia actually works quite well for a girl to me, with Mia as an easy feminine nickname. Jhon just looks weird, even typing it feels weird. I quite like the exotic, stylish vibe of Milan- I think of high fashion and glamour in general because of the city association.

    What do you think of these names?
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    I don't really "like" any of them. If I had to choose, I'd probably go with Milan, since I have a very good(male) friend with that name. Jeremia-it just feels wrong, I don't know. Plus, I HATE the name Mia. Jhon makes me want to say it with a French accent, which isn't all that bad, I guess.

    Excuse me for seeming harsh.

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