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    Help with a name to go with Margot!


    With 7 weeks to go, I think my husband and I have decided on Margot for our baby girl.

    I have a lot of combo ideas, but have yet to find the one that feels like THE one, so I was hoping to get some fresh ideas.

    We like unique, spunky but classic names that sound adventurous. Big brother is Henry Atlas. I don't necessarily want another mythological name, but would like to find a middle name that matches Atlas in terms of it's strength, spirit, history and weightiness. If that makes sense. (Some days, I think I should go the opposite, to something really light like Poppy.)

    Here are some combos we have been considering:

    Margot Remy (this is my husband's favorite)
    Margot Serena
    Margot Beatrice
    Margot Poppy
    Margot Scout
    Margot Simone
    Margot Sienna
    Margot Phoebe
    Margot Levi

    I am open to using Margot in the middle, if we can come up with a good-sounding combo that way.

    We like Lucy Margot.

    I am also open to more interesting word names.

    Any thoughts? Thanks for your help!
    Mama of Henry Atlas & Margot Story

    Other name loves:

    Girls: Phoebe, Ramona, Holiday, Matilda, Susan, Helen
    Boys: Thomas, Ulysses, Odin, Oliver

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    Lulu’s Mama {2008}
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    Emmeline. Beatrice. Greer. Posey. Fiorella
    Wallis. Mae-Claire. Tallulah. Delphine. Georgiana. Bellamy. Magnolia
    Spencer. Holiday. Brighton. Freya. Oona. Maisie

    John. Callahan. Teague. Dexter. Anson. Montgomery
    Everett. Foster. Baylor. Cormac. Thayer. Nash
    Knoll. Dawson. Hayes. Edison. Harrison. Fitzwilliam

    Lulu's favorite name: Mary Ann

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    Under Construction

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    Margot Elise is a great suggestion.

    Margot Alice
    Margot Belle
    Margot Abigail

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    Middles with ties to mythology:

    Margot Diana
    Margot Daphne
    Margot Freya
    Margot Irene
    Margot Iris

    Middles I love with Margot:

    Margot Elaina or Elena
    Margot Lillian
    Margot Renee
    Margot Celeste
    Margot Emmeline
    Margot Rosalind
    Margot Camille
    Margot Adele or Adelaide

    Your list is lovely, my favourite is Margot Simone. So unexpected and lovely! And, I love Henry awesome!

    Good luck, and conrgatulations!
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