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    Favorite boy names/NNs for girls?

    Post a whole list or your top 5 or 10

    I'll start:

    Hunter, Blake, Wyatt,
    Clark, Andi, Dani,
    Joey, Reed, Ryan,
    Emerson, Darcy, Logan,
    Trey, Dylan, Ethan,
    Harlan, Ashton, Avery,
    Drew, Carson, Max,

    Or are you not a fan of boy names as girl games? If so, why?
    If you have a moment would you consider taking a look at my name list?:

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    •Adeline Victoria•Cassandra Grace•Charlotte Anna•Clementine Louise•
    •Dorothea Joy•Eleanora Jayne•Elizabeth Leigh•Eloise Willa•
    •Evangeline Kate•Georgiana Celeste•Gwendolyn Alice•Hermione Rose•
    •Jessamine Eve•Rosalie Hazel•Theodora Claire•

    •Alexander James•Andrew Graham•Benjamin Adam•Camden Reece•
    •Daniel Reid• Finnegan Taylor•Gabriel Simon•Harrison Caleb•
    •Jonathan Joel•Lukas Montgomery•Nathaniel Beau•Oliver Michael•
    •Samuel Avery•Theodore Henry•William Jacob•

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I'm not a fan of boys names on girls at all. I love unisex names on boys, and I'm sick of being told I can't name a future son Avery, Bailey, Emerson, Harper, or Addison, just because he is a boy. Also, I hated sharing a name with my uncle (who is a Bruce Ashley, and has a brother with the FN Ashley). I hate that I feel like I can't live up to my feminine potential because of my name.

    I do like some boyish nns on girls, though. Like Eleni nn Leni (like Lenny) and Georgiana nn Georgie. I don't mind Charlotte nn Charlie, but I like Lottie and Lola much more personally.

    I like some unisex names on girls--like Jocelyn, Hadley, Greer/Grier, Addison, and Harper--but I don't think there's a chance in the world I would actually use them.

    Brady and Parker are huge GPs, but I'm hesitant to even mention them because I think its a terrible idea for an actual child.

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