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    Favorite boy names/NNs for girls?

    Post a whole list or your top 5 or 10

    I'll start:

    Hunter, Blake, Wyatt,
    Clark, Andi, Dani,
    Joey, Reed, Ryan,
    Emerson, Darcy, Logan,
    Trey, Dylan, Ethan,
    Harlan, Ashton, Avery,
    Drew, Carson, Max,

    Or are you not a fan of boy names as girl games? If so, why?
    If you have a moment would you consider taking a look at my name list?:

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    Adeline Victoria • Cassandra Grace • Charlotte Anna • Evangeline Kate • Gwendolyn Alice
    Hermione Rose • Jessamine Eve • Lilliana Ingrid • Penelope Gray • Theodora Claire
    Adeline • Andie • Charlie • Evan • Gwen • Remy • Jessie • Lilly • Elle • Teddy

    Alexander James • Benjamin Adam • Finnegan Taylor • Gabriel Malcolm • Harrison Caleb
    Jonathan Joel • Lukas Montgomery • Nathaniel Reid • Theodore Henry • William Jacob
    Alec • Ben • Finn • Gabe • Harry • Nate • Luke • Nate • Theo • Will

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I'm not a fan of boys names on girls at all. I love unisex names on boys, and I'm sick of being told I can't name a future son Avery, Bailey, Emerson, Harper, or Addison, just because he is a boy. Also, I hated sharing a name with my uncle (who is a Bruce Ashley, and has a brother with the FN Ashley). I hate that I feel like I can't live up to my feminine potential because of my name.

    I do like some boyish nns on girls, though. Like Eleni nn Leni (like Lenny) and Georgiana nn Georgie. I don't mind Charlotte nn Charlie, but I like Lottie and Lola much more personally.

    I like some unisex names on girls--like Jocelyn, Hadley, Greer/Grier, Addison, and Harper--but I don't think there's a chance in the world I would actually use them.

    Brady and Parker are huge GPs, but I'm hesitant to even mention them because I think its a terrible idea for an actual child.

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