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    Literary MN for Verity?

    TTC and one of our first choices for a girl's name is Verity. Unfortunately, we simply cannot find a suitable MN for Verity. I'm a young adult librarian so any names from classic, children's, or young adult literature would be awesome! Comic Books and graphic novels are fair game too. We're just stumped! To give you a sample of our style, our other two top girls name choices are Ruby Seraphina and Clementine Francesca. I tried to talk my husband into Verity Catherine (from Wuthering Heights) but he thinks Catherine is a little too staid for him (the name, not the character, ha!) I like Verity Lyra but I feel we can do better. Any ideas are welcome!


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    I think Verity Lyra is really pretty, for what it's worth.

    Have you looked at this list yet?:

    or the comments from this blog post?:

    This blog post could come in handy:

    or this one:

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    It's hard to suggest middles without knowing your taste in books/authors, but Lyra is spunky with a modern sound so going off that...

    Verity Scarlett (Scarlett O'Hara, Gone With the Wind)
    Verity Narnia (Chronicles of Narnia)
    Verity Beatrix (Beatrix Potter)
    Verity Klara/Clara (Klara Seseman, Heidi)

    These feel similar in style to me but may not be feminine enough for your taste:
    Verity Brontë (Brontë sisters)
    Verity Scout (Scout Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird)
    Verity Gable (Anne of Green Gables)
    Verity Arden (the Forest of Arden, As You Like It)
    Verity March (March sisters, Little Women)

    I'll be back with more later.
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    What about Verity Ellis? Emily Bronte used the pseudonym Ellis Bell when Wuthering Heights was published... Or maybe Verity Jane after both Jane Eyre and Jane Austen. Here are some others I like:

    Verity Hermione
    Verity Joanne/Verity Jo
    Verity Pilar
    Verity Cosette
    Verity Virginia (normally I am not a fan of alliteration but Vivi is a really cute nickname)
    Verity Isa
    Verity Sylvia
    Verity Beatrix
    Verity Romona
    Verity Matilda
    Verity Anne
    Verity Elizabeth

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    Thanks! These are great ideas. I'll run them by my husband.

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