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    Names that You Love but your Spouse Doesn't


    I can only imagine how common this predicament is. I find myself getting so frustrated when I fall in love with a name and tell my husband and he just crinkles his nose & says "no". We are trying to conceive right now, so there's no hurry, but I just get so excited coming up with possible names and I get irritated when my husband shows little interest in the names I've found & then rejects them as though it isn't important to me. I understand he doesn't care as much about names as I do but I just wish he would pretend to be interested sometimes!

    Do any of you berries find yourself arguing about names with your significant other? What names do you love but he/she refuses to use? Do they connect the name to someone they used to know? Do you just want to tell them to get over it? If this happened to you, how did you and your S/O handle the situation? Was there compromises? Did you take them off your list? Do you pick that name anyways?

    Here are some of mine:



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    Some of my favorites that my husband flat refuses:

    Laszlo (His only association with the name is an annoying video game character. Never mind that it's my absolute favorite boy's name.)
    Minerva (He doesn't like the sound. Absolute favorite girl's name, but it's a no)
    Dominic (He doesn't even have a reason for this one.)
    Tabitha (I only ever wanted to use this one as a middle name, but he's afraid people would call her Tabby. He's afraid they'll call her Tabby...because Tabitha is her middle name.....???)

    And yet, I'm expected to love Eldridge because one of his distant, ancient family members had the name.

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    Probably all the names I like... lol.

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    Two extremely different names, Emily, which I have always loved since I was little. And Aurora. And pretty much every boy name I've ever liked.

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    We are having this exact problem right now. It has taken me 5.5 months of constant researching until I finally found the right name for our 1st and only daughter (due Sept 1st). 90% of the names I have tried to suggest, my husband "vetoes" for one reason or another. My current name love is Ruby Quinn. While I can compromise on the middle name I am set on Ruby. It is vintage, sweet and feminine (all the things I had on my list). My husband just simply says no. Our 3 boys seemed so much easier to name.....after a couple name choices we agreed and that was that. This is new territory of resistance. But to be honest I am so DONE looking for a compromise. I plan to hold my ground on the first name. After all I have done all the hard work. LOL

    Some of my other name picks that he hated:

    Names he likes:

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