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Thread: My List!

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    Post My List!

    Hi! Please let me know your opinions of my *hopefully* final list. There are 22 names. I would really appreciate any feedback because it's getting closer to my due date and I need as much help as possible. Any advice would be super helpful. Feel free to pair names up and suggest names. And don't worry too much about nicknames, they aren't all that important. Thank you!

    Alani (uh-LAW-nee)
    Hawaiian - orange tree
    Nicknames: Lani, Ani

    Carina (kuh-REE-na)
    Italian - dear little one
    Nicknames: Cari, Car, Rina

    Acacia (uh-CAY-zhuh)
    Greek - thorny
    Nicknames: Cacia

    Charity (CHAIR-it-ee)
    English word name
    Nicknames: Char

    Sela (SEE-la)
    Hebrew - rock
    Nicknames: ?

    Daphne (DAFF-nee)
    Greek - laurel tree
    Nicknames: Daph

    Mercy (MUR-see)
    English - compassion
    Nicknames: ?

    Giada (GAH-duh) or (gee-AH-da)
    Italian - jade
    Nicknames: Gia, Ada

    Stephanie (STEFF-uh-nee)
    Greek - garland, crown
    Nicknames: Steph, Ani

    Francesca (fran-CHESS-ska)
    Italian - from France
    Nicknames: Chess, Cesca

    Charis (CARE-iss) or (CHAIR-iss)
    Greek - grace
    Nicknames: Care/Chair

    Gianna (JAHN-uh) or (gee-AH-nuh)
    Italian - the Lord is gracious
    Nicknames: Gia, Anna

    Petra (PEH-tra)
    Greek - rock, stone
    Nicknames: ?

    Lola (LO-lah)
    Spanish - lady of sorrows
    Nicknames: ?

    Scarlett (SCAR-let)
    English - scarlet, red
    Nicknames: Scar

    Nadia (NAH-dee-uh)
    Russian - hope
    Nicknames: ?

    Marina (ma-REE-nuh)
    Latin - from the sea
    Nicknames: ?

    Mariah (ma-RYE-ah)
    Latin - the Lord is my teacher
    Nicknames: Mimi, Riah

    Rhiannon (ree-ANN-on)
    Welsh - divine queen
    Nicknames: Rhi, Rhian

    Dahlia (DOLL-ya) or (DOLL-ee-ah)
    Flower name
    Nicknames: Doll, Dolly

    Ariadne (air-ee-AD-nee)
    Greek - most holy
    Nicknames: Ari

    Phaedra (FAY-dra)
    Greek - bright
    Nicknames: Phae

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    They are all gorgeous. My personal favorites are...

    Lee X

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    The ones I really love: Alani, Carina, Daphne, Mercy, Marina, Rhiannon, Ariadne

    Acacia: a little unusual, and kind of harsh and medicinal-sounding to my ear.
    Charity: Reminds me of the character Rarity from My Little Pony. It's pretty, though.
    Sela: This one looks really pretty written down. At first glance, though, I would pronounce it SAY-la so you might have to do some clarification for people there.
    Giada: A little more exotic than Gianna. The two-syllable pronunciation might be hard for people to get right away so I prefer the three-syllable one.
    Stephanie: I think this name is super cute but it is also a bit dated.
    Francesca: Not my style at all, but has a similar flowy, exotic feel to Giada and Gianna.
    Charis: I like CARE-is. Sounds very elegant.
    Gianna: I like ge-AH-na (a little more feminine and than JAHN-a, imo)
    Petra: NMS, but it's a really strong name.
    Lola: This name doesn't appeal to me at all.
    Scarlett: This is pretty.
    Nadia: NMS but it's pretty.
    Marina: Nicknames Mari, Rina?
    Mariah: Sounds sorta dated.
    Dahlia: Sounds kind of drawling but the flower association is really nice.
    Phaedra: I have a hard time picturing this on someone in real life; it reminds me of the Hydra monster from mythology or Drusilla the stepsister from Cinderella.

    As for pairing them up, I think you have a really beautiful naming style, and as long as you have a two-syllable in front and a three-syllable in the middle or vice-versa (or a four-syllable in front and a two- or three-syllable in the middle etc) to help with flow, there are any number or stunning combinations you could make. For instance, Gianna Mercy or Mercy Francesca. Maybe staying away from combos of very different background names would be a good idea as well, just so they sound cohesive (Nadia Phaedra, Alani Rhiannon, etc don't work as well, whereas more mainstream names like Scarlett or Stephanie could pair up nicely with a more unusual name--Stephanie Phaedra, Daphne Charis, Marina Scarlett).

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    I love Phaedra, Ariadne, Carina, and Charis. And I have a cousin called Dahlia, but we say it differently. All your names are lovely!
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