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    Baby boy IS here but name is NOT ! HELP!!!

    So my husbands brother called him
    This evening and asked if we had name ideas for their baby... Who was born THIS morning!

    Their kids have been named days after being born each time. They don't find out gender in advance which adds to the timetable.

    Their oldest was going to be Josephine violet of she was a girl and almost a week after birth she was instead named Kylee Noel.

    Their middle son is Levi Norris. And this morning they had another little boy.

    The middle name will most likely be Wesley after my brother in law. Both of there other kids' middle names are family names.

    They are thinking they'd like an M name (K..L..M) and since both kylee and levi have an "e" and "I" sound it's be nice to find something similar .

    We are drawing blanks!!!! helP!!!

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    aylasoma Guest
    Michael has that "i" sound & starts with M!

    I think Isaak sounds good with Kylee & Levi!

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    Miles Wesley sounds good

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