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    how do you and your SO choose names?

    Just out of curiosity, how do you guys and your SO go about choosing or talking about names?

    Do you each make a list and decide together?
    Does one of you come up with every single name while the other just says yes or no while offering no other input?
    Does anyone have an SO who is just as interested in names?
    Does your SO cling to only one or two names and refuse to budge on them?
    Does your SO hate talk about names?

    I'm super curious to see how everyone goes about this
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    I don't have an SO yet, buuut, I asked my mum, who has always said she had my name chosen when she was about 18-19 (10 years before I came along, and about 3-4 before she and my dad started dating). She said that my dad did come up with a list for her, and they were agreeing on almost everything when it came to girls, but in the end, I was definitely a Haley Alannah (I think my dad's inspiration for girls names was from classic film stars - he had Olivia as one of his forerunners because of Olivia de Haviland)

    She also said boys were a lot more difficult, so they were basically hoping I'd be a girl, because the only boys name they could literally throw together was Mackenzie Daniel (with Charles as a potential 3rd name) or Jonathan Mackenzie Charles. Neither of them liked the two all that much (I think Mackenzie was the only agreed on choice, because it honoured my deceased grandfather), so the boys choice wasn't really one they adored.

    With my sister, my mum chose made a list, and my dad was set on a French name/name with a French sound, so again, they each made a list and just paired things up to see what fit in what spot. She was almost a Madeleine (dad's pick).

    In that case, my mum was the stubborn one, my dad was just glad that I had a name they both liked

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    My fiance says he's not good with names, so he doesn't make lists or anything. He doesn't hate to talk about it, but he's not "into" names like I am. We have talked about what we would name our child, with me saying that it will probably be hard considering I like a lot of different names, and with him saying he likes traditional names which aren't overused the most. We both agree that we will want to choose our child's name based on how well it will suit them throughout life and not just as a "kid" name. I will probably want to begin calling our baby by his or her name before they're born, while my fiance believes that it's not really possible to know a baby's name until you see them.

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    My SO is fantastic about talking names with me. He brings them up as often as I do So far, we've only really talked about our ultimate favourites, and then combed through Mischa's "Beyond the top 1000" post, which gave us a ton of awesome ideas that we agreed upon.

    I actually went through Mischa's post with my SO in mind, and I pulled out everything I loved and also thought he would love, judging by what other names we'd talked about to that point. We were just hanging out one night and I read them off, and he gave me his feedback (almost all of it was positive).

    He's active in suggesting things, or mentioning names he likes when he hears them. Thank goodness he isn't one of those "No, no, no, veto, no, no" guys who won't offer suggestions.

    I think we're both more flexible than we anticipated. I went in to this relationship with Edmund as a #1 name since I was 8 years old. He doesn't love it, and I had very little issue putting it on the back burner. I totally hated the first 3 names he told me he loved… they're off the list now. Neither of us wants to pick something the other one doesn't love. We're pretty good at compromising in general, so I think we can handle it if we have kids.

    I'm also really glad he understands names are a hobby for me. It definitely doesn't mean I want kids right now (or necessarily at all…). I love researching them as a passion, and talking about them as a pastime. It doesn't weird him out, or make him feel pressured, and I'm relieved.
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    ^^ My boyfriend is one of those Negative Nancies that refuses every name and offer no suggestions. It's frustrating, but he never gets frustrated at my naming so I guess it's a trade off. I come up with all of the suggestions, because the ONE time he tried to come up with some, it was pretty bad, haha.
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