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    Which name do you like for our son? Reid/Reed, Ryan, or Riley?

    We're having trouble picking a name for our son. We've got it down to 3 names. Which name do you think would be best? I listed our concerns below.

    Reid/Reed - Concerned about misspelling of the name since there are two spellings and also people maybe thinking it's a weird a name since it's not extremely popular. Also concerned about bulling in school..."Reid...time to read."

    Ryan - Concerned about it being too popular of a name. We know a lot of Ryans. It's a safe name and nice name, but maybe too common.

    Riley - Love this name as it's a great name and a family name. However, we're concerned about the name now going to girls and it becoming a 100% girls name in the future. 60% girls had this name last year compared to 40% boys.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    I really like Reid and Reed. I don't think you have to worry about people finding it an odd name. It isn't popular, but it is familliar.
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    In order of preference; Reid, Riley, and Ryan. I have never witnessed children bullying over a name. Bullies will find reasons to bully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chelby View Post
    I really like Reid and Reed. I don't think you have to worry about people finding it an odd name. It isn't popular, but it is familliar.
    I agree

    And I also want to point out that Ryan is creeping to the girls side as well. Maybe not as fast as Riley, but there are plenty of baby girl Ryans out there already.

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    I really like both Reid (prefer this spelling) and Riley. Ryan is NMS. Riley has a cuter, bouncier image to me (probably because I know the most adorable, energetic, sweet four-year-old boy named Riley) while Reid has a more classic, intellectual image (also, Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds). I think Riley is going to continue to be used on about the same level for boys and girls, and then probably slide down the charts after a while. It might end up being somewhat dated, but it's a lovely name and it does have a longer history of use than, say, Zayden. Reid might be a safer choice in terms of avoiding sounding dated, and I think it's familiar enough to not be too weird. In terms of personal preference, I'd give the edge slightly to Riley.
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