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    Brother for Amelia and Audrey??

    First time poster here....expecting a baby boy in 7 weeks. Our favorite boy name since our first was Quinn, but now we are starting to question it as its popularity as a girls name is hugely disappointing!!!! All of our other favorites from our first are now top 5 names (Henry, William...).

    So, unless you think Quinn is still masculine enough (contemplating a longer name like Quinlan, but husband isn't on board so far), any awesome ideas for a baby brother for Amelia (5) and Audrey (4)? Middle name with either be Harold or Christopher depending on how it sounds with the first name.

    Some on our like list (but not feeling LOVE, if you know what I mean)...I feel like I have read through thousands of names and just am stuck.

    Bennett (husband doesn't really like)
    Thatcher (husband doesn't really like)
    Maxwell (husband likes, I don't)
    Finnegan (getting too popular?)

    Last name is Martin.

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    Have you thought of shortening Maxwell to just Max? I think Max Martin sounds really strong and important, i dunno, it just goes!
    I dont mind the name Bennett as well but i dont think it goes so well with your surname. Im not so sold on Quinn or Quinlan for a boy, it just sounds a little feminine to me, but its also a name i dont really hear a lot of here in Australia so perhaps its popularity as a boys name is greater where you live?

    Out of the list youve got there, Max (sorry, ive decided it must be shortened!) and Alexander are my two picks as they both go well with Martin.

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    From your list I like Alexander the best, but as suggested by tfzolghadr, Anthony is also great.
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    Your daughters have beautiful names! My first thought when reading your post were Adam or Andrew. They begin with A, and are both classics like your girls' names. I like Bennett and Spencer from your list.

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