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    WDYT of these names + help me expand my list

    Not pregnant, not any time soon - probably. Just wondering what you guys think of my current favourite boys names. I hardly like any boys names so that's also why I'm asking whether you guys may have any suggestions to expand my list.
    So these are the boys names I do like and would consider if I'd ever be pregnant:

    Benjamin (but I don't like Ben as a nn)

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    Alec - love this, so much more interesting than Alex. That being said, maybe you'd also like Alexander or Xander?

    Otis - despite the "Milo and Otis" canine connection I have to this name, I do like it. Maybe you'd also like Otto?

    Owen - adore this handsome, boyish name, but personally wouldn't use it due to it's upswing in popularity. Maybe you'd also like Rowan or Ronan?

    Odin - really interesting choice...he'd almost certainly be the only one in his class! Maybe you'd also like Alden or Boden.

    Elias - I like this, but I prefer Elijah, Eli, and Silas.

    Raphaël - such a romantic, artistic choice.

    Fabrice - I think that depending on where you live, this might be a little heavy. It also looks very feminine to be. I prefer Fabian.

    Roman - I really like this, very strong and masculine image.

    Morris - this one feels like an outlier on your list. Definitely feels clunkier/old-man-ish, but I like it anyway Maybe you'd also like Ellis.

    Gabriël - this one pairs nicely with Raphael.

    Gaël - again, this one feels so romantic and heroic to me.

    Maxim - I don't like this, sorry. Reminds me of the men's magazine. Max is an awesome name though. Why not just Max, or Maxwell, or Maximilian?

    Benjamin - if you don't like (the inevitable) nn "Ben", then I'd let this one go.

    Top 3: Alec, Owen, Elias
    Bottom 2: Maxim and Fabrice

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    Alec - Nice name and a nice change from Alex. What about Asa, Arlo or Alistair/Alastair?

    Otis - NMS. How about Luca, Oscar, Nico or Ozias/Osias?

    Owen - I like Owen, it's definitely growing on me. What about Theo or Eben?

    Odin - This is a bit 'out there' for me, though I can see the appeal. What about Stellan, Tobin or Magnus?

    Elias - I really like this and I love nn Eli! How about Simeon, Tobias or Malachi?

    Raphaël - One of my favourites from your list. Suggestions: Leon, Dominic or Caspar/Casper?

    Fabrice - This just makes me think of Febreze air freshener. What about Francis, Fabian or Frankie?

    Roman - Roman is okay but I learnt a lot about the Romans at school so I can't see/hear the name and not think about gladiators, forts and Hadrian's Wall! What about Roan, Rowan or Rafferty?

    Morris - Too 'old man'. What about Marcus, Leonard, Edmund or Gideon?

    Gabriël - Gabriel is one of my favourite boys names. Have you considered Reuben?

    Gaël - This one is interesting, I can see it growing on me.

    Maxim - Not a fan of this one. I much prefer Max on its own. Have you thought about Maxwell or Marius?

    Benjamin - If you don't like Ben, I'd stay clear of this one. What about Thomas, Samuel or Benedict?

    My favourites from your list are Elias, Raphael and Gabriel.
    My least favourite are Morris and Fabrice.

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    Alec- Love. It's short, simple, and manly.
    Otis- I think of a dog... "Milo and Otis" ruined the name for me.
    Owen- Meh, it's ok... nothing wonderful about it. I know a ton of little Owens, so it's lost a lot of the charm.
    Odin- For some reason, I think of odious, odium...
    Elias- One of my all-time favs. DH asserts it's a hick name (as in Iranian country bumpkins), and I have a nephew named Eli... otherwise, I'd LOVE to use this name!
    Raphaël- I'm crushing on this one so hard lately. If our little one ends up somehow being a boy, this is our name. I just LOVE it!
    Fabrice- I just see "fabric".
    Roman- Masculine and strong... my only reservation is that I think of Roman Polanski.
    Morris- Old man.
    Gabriël- I know too many strange Gabriels.
    Gaël- As in Gail? I know lots of old women named Gail.
    Maxim- I really want to like it, but I think of maxi pads.
    Benjamin- This is a family name that I'd love to use, I'm just put off by the popularity.

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    Thanks guys for the input, so I'm just trying to answer you all at once..

    There's something about the length of the name Alexander that bothers me, while I would admit it's a decent name it's just not my thing. As for Otto it does sound nice and it has the added advantage of having a relatively universal pronunciation. Not that big on Rowan and Ronan also because whatever name I'll pick I'll have to imagine it being pronounced by my very Dutch parents. Like I said I'm not pregnant but somehow these practical considerations already cloud my views, so same issue for the name Elijah and I absolutely do love the way that name sounds. As for Silas - parent issue again, I think it sounds incredibly 'sterile' somehow if my parents would say it, same goes for the name Tobias. Tobin would be a nice change to that -ias ending and sounds universal, a keeper. I think the name Fabrice would work where I live right now, I've witnessed real life examples, but it's good to see that people from different parts of the world think differently about it, especially if I'd ever consider moving to those parts of the world. Fabian is a good suggestion because I once was hooked on that name but I've fallen out of love for unknown reasons. Same goes for Dominic, although I still have a thing for that name. I associate the name Francis with young girls or old men. Morris is actually pretty new to me and I thought it was a nice variation to Joris (essentially Morris but then starting with a Y sound) but very very very good to know it's extremely old fashioned elsewhere. I think Max is okay but just tad too plain for my liking and too easy to associate with dogs, speaking of which I don't have that Milo and Otis association, at all but again that's one of those things that's helpful to keep in mind. I like Leon, may as well add this to my list this is actually one of the names where I prefer the way my parents would say it as opposed to the greater half of this planet. Luca is way too trendy for both genders at the moment here so that definitely spoils things otherwise it'd definitely have been my style. Oscar is actually too strong and too masculine for my liking. Nico is my father's name while there is sentimental value, I don't have any aesthetic admiration for that name in particular. Ozias sounds interesting but perhaps a little too interesting, like I can imagine it on a Harry Potter character but not on a muggle so to speak. The names Casper/Jasper were a thing here in the 90s so dated without being classic although there's nothing objectively wrong with those names, I'm a 90s girl and Jasper would have been my name if I'd have been a boy. Even though Caspian sounds like Casper I do think it looks lovely on paper, slight parent problem but that can be overlooked in this case. I love the way Cassius sounds in English, again: parent pronunciation tragedy. Leander is totally my style but unfortunately ruined by association. Lorenzo, one of the few -o names that I like but a little too strong on the Italian that I wouldn't be sure if my child would be able to pull it off. I like Lewis, Sebastian, Marcus, Christophe as well. I initally put Ruben on the list but then decided against it so you can kind of say it's on my list. Same goes for Thomas. Benedict.. that's pretty difficult because I love Benedict Cumberbatch so I'm not entirely sure if I honestly like the name or just the person who carries it so well.

    As for Benjamin what I've seen people do here is pick a deliberately different variation on Benjamin as 'official' nickname like Benja, I could maybe do something like that given that I like that nickname just as much as the full name.

    So again, thanks so much for the feedback and the helpful suggestions.

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