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    Which spelling + middle name help

    Hi everyone! Me & my boyfriend are really liking the name Mari/Mairi/Mahri right now. It is pronounced Mar-ree. Mar rhymes with Car.

    Which spelling would you use: Mari, Mahri or Mairi?

    My boyfriend likes the idea of using a double barreled name with Mari (i'll just spell it this way when I write it.) I'm not sure about the idea, because I'm not a fan of names with hyphens. I like the idea of calling her something like Mari Grace from time to time though.

    As a compromise, we could maybe choose two middle names (something we were thinking of doing anyway) and call her by the first two sometimes?

    For example, If we named her Mari Grace Elizabeth, we would call her Mari Grace sometimes. Is that something that would make sense? WDYT?

    And some middle name combos we've thought of following that is:
    Mari Grace Serafina
    Mari Grace Paloma
    Mari Jade Winona
    Mari Claire Serafina

    We'd love some suggestions! Our only rule is that the first middle is a one syllable name.

    Thanks in advance and I hope this actually makes some sense!
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    I would use the Mairi spelling, it's the traditional Scottish-Gaelic spelling (not to be confused with Mhairi pronounced VAR-ee). It's really lovely. Mari might be more simple, but I think it would be mispronounced and mispelled just as much, so you might as well stick to the original and keep it's Gaelic charm.

    I love it paired with Paloma/Seraphina/Winona, although I would prefer something like Mairi Paloma Grace with the one-syllable name at the end. It's still fine to call her Mairi Grace, it just sounds better as a whole name - I guess it also depends on your surname though.

    But if you're sticking with the Mairi (1syllable) (3+syllables) thing, then...
    Mairi Jade Linnea
    Mairi Rose Evangeline
    Mairi Pearl Catriona
    Mairi Faith Angelina
    Mairi Kate Ramona
    Mairi Jane Estella
    Mairi Joy Penelope
    Mairi Belle Matilda
    Mairi Lux Eloise (or Mairi Luz ---)
    Mairi Faye Eliza
    Mairi Jean Ottilie
    Mairi Sage Louisa

    Just a bit of a brainstorm of one syllable names paired with longer names, you can obviously switch a few around to your taste Good luck!
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    To my American eyes, Mairi looks like it should be pronounced the same as Mary. I think Mari would be the least likely to be mispronounced or misspelled.

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    Mahri is the most phonetically clear, but it also seems to be the only one that's not an actual name? At least not in nameberry database. It still looks pretty though. Mairi is really nice but I think would be mispronounced more in the US. Personally I would choose Mari. I think most people recognize it as distinct from Mary, and so would pronounce it intuitively as mah-ree. Mari Grace Elizabeth is beautiful!
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    Did anyone suggest Marri? I know it would be pronounced sometimes like marry/mary but I like the distinction and it might call out to people to be more like mah-ree.

    Also I think the short double-barrel is cool. Mari Rose. Mari Grace. Mari Mae. Mari Lynn. Mari Hope. ?

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