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    Help with alternate girls name

    Hi all,

    We are expecting our first baby in Oct. If we have a girl, she will have the middle name Clara after my grandmother.

    Just before I conceived I hit upon the name Anneliese for the first name and fell in love with it, I think it is very elegant and feminine. Not sure how we would spell it yet.

    Anyway DP has recently said he's not 100% sure of the name so we want an alternate in case we decide not to use it. Can any of you lovely people suggest some other names that we might use that also go with Clara? We haven't found anything else we love as much yet.

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    Congrats! I like Anneliese but would prefer the more common spelling of Annalise. I'm not sure I love the name with the middle of Clara. I think the flow if the names, while not at all terrible, could be better. But if you have your heart set on it, go for it. Again, it's not bad.

    Other possibilities for first name (I do like Clara as a middle, esp. Since it's a family name)....
    - Adeline (although it's popular)
    - Juliet
    - Josephine
    - Amity
    - Felicity
    - Evangeline
    - Christabel
    - Eugenie
    - Isabel
    - Vivienne
    - Daphne
    - Maribel

    I think I prefer the 3-2 combo for first-middle on syllables. Best wishes!
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    Anneliese is gorgeous though I'm not sure that it flows well with Clara.

    What about

    Liliane Clara
    Anastasia Clara
    Jennifer Clara
    Elise Clara

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    Marilee Clara
    Eloise Clara
    Imogen Clara
    I also like the previous suggestions of Everly and Amelie

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