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    Torn Between....

    Hello again. :-)
    We are due with baby number three in December. We still have quite awhile to decide, and had thought we were set on our choices. We won't be finding out the gender this time because this will be our last baby and we'd like it to be a surprise.

    We have decided on Scott Allen Thomas for a boy, and for a girl we had Ruby May and Lyla Claire picked out. We have been leaning more towards Lyla more and more. Our thought was that we'd decide between the two closer to the due date or when we met her. Well the other day I went to various places with our girls and heard the name Nylah... I couldn't get it out of my head I told my husband about it and he likes it more than Lyla, but said it is up to me. I'm torn.

    Lyla is for a childhood favorite Delilah (which is not an option), and in honor of my grandmothers favorite flower, Lilacs (also not an option). We chose the Lyla spelling due to having a niece Lily and not wanting Lilah accidently pronounced as Lil-la. My husband does like it, but he said the Lie sound throws him off... I like it. Lol.

    Nylah has the same sound in a way, but instead of Lie it's Nye as in night. Nylah has the Arabic roots same as Lyla/Lylah. I've come to realize I like a lot of Arabic and Persian girl names. Not sure why. Nylah lacks the sentiment, but is a name that is so new to me yet so familiar.

    So here are my questions...
    Which do you personally prefer out of the two- Lylah or Nylah? And why.

    Does Nylah Claire or Lylah Claire flow better? I am open to suggestions on a middle name. We prefer one syllable middle names with our last name. Cannot be Grace, Bea, Rose, Beth, or Kay.

    Which name fits better with Ellie Bea (pronounced like Bee) and Anna Rose?

    Should we keep the 'H' at the end or have it end in a vowel as Ellie and Anna do?

    Thank you for your help!!
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    Nyla Claire (without the 'h') is adorable, and I much prefer it to Lyla. HOWEVER, I think Lyla goes better with the big sisters' names.

    Either way, you have a winner. You can't go wrong.

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    also considering...
    Anna Soleil. Jane Leonora. Rose Evangeline.
    Annevieve Claire Claudia Cressida Evangeline Guinevere Gwyneira Leora Marguerite Susan
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    I prefer Lyla Claire without the 'h'. It flows better and has so much meaning for you. I feel like if you went with Nylah you would one day regret it. I know when I like a new name I have to hear and say it for a couple days then stop thinking about and then go back to the name to see if I really like it, and nine times out of ten I don't..I only like it at first because it's new and different. I always seem to stick to what I've always liked.

    And I'm not a fan of Nylah. It sounds like a variation of Nalah (not sure I spelt that right).
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    I agree with the first poster; they are all gorgeous names and work with your girls' names. You can't go wrong!

    At first glance, Ellie and Anna seem like classic, English names and my first thought is that they work best with Ruby.

    But they are also both variations of Hebrew names. I'm not sure about this, but, to me, some Arabic and Persian names seem to have some similar sounds to some Hebrew names. I love names from all of these origins also!

    Nyla is gorgeous and certainly unique. I would probably spell it without the H. It's not dissimilar to other more common names like Noa, Nora and Nola or, for boys, Neill or Niall.

    On the other hand, I think Lyla Claire is also beautiful and flows a bit better than Nyla Claire. This name is probably more familiar for most people. It sounds like it's very meaningful to you.

    Some other middle options for Nyla...

    Nyla Eve
    Nyla Faye
    Nyla Lou
    Nyla Jane
    Nyla Jean

    Just for fun, here are some others you may like...

    Soraya (I also like Raya, Raia and Rae)

    I can't choose either; they are all lovely! Can you wait til she arrives or is this leaving too much up in the air? X
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    Wow! Thank you for the feed back.
    @steampunkleo I think you're right about the no 'H'. And that is why it's so hard! I know either would be great for us.

    @bookworm26 It has been about three days now, and I will give it more time before deciding. Normally names don't jump out at me like Nylah did. All of my children's names have been favorites for years. Ellie, Anna, Scott, Ruby and Lyla are all names I either I had picked out years ago or my husband had picked out. All other names I could never imagine as a kid of mine. For some reason with Nylah I can. That is funny you associated it with Nala. I did too, and that is one of the reasons I actually like it. Call me a nerd, but I think it's cute without being very obvious. :-)

    @lee1981 that makes sense. Hebrew names have a strong appeal to me also, so do Native American names, Irish names, and Gaelic names. On a side note, I am from the US, so my choice in names makes little sense to me. :-D I've always loved Nora, and Nola! Just not enough to name my child one of those.

    I like how unique Nyla is. Usually unique-ness and popularity do not matter to me. I usually go with what I have loved all along. But I have got to admit being the last baby I am emotional and picky... With everything! So being unique has an appeal to me this time. I really like Nyla Faye. Our last name has a long 'U' sound, and ends in an 'R'. Too funny! Zara, Maryam/Miriam, Raia, Kiva (very similar to Niva) are all on my long list.

    It is hard to wait, but I wanted to experience going through pregnancy not knowing the gender for my last child. It's kind of a personal goal of mine, and I am very stubborn. So I think I can wait. I'm worried about my husband, and girls. They are being impatient. ;-) We saved all the baby girl clothes, have neutral gear, and Anna was "supposed" to be a boy so we have some boy stuff to get us started. We love Ruby and Lyla/Nyla, I think seeing her would help us choose, and it kind is to keep family guessing. They have been very opinionated and it can be nauseating.

    Now, i just need to decide if the meaning behind Lyla is enough to keep the name, or if I can live with the meaning in a round about way through Nyla. I've decided I love both with Ellie and Anna. I also like both with Claire, Faye, Jade, and our last name.

    Thank you again for your much needed help! When he or she arrives in December I will certainly put an announcement on here. :-)
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    Ellie {9}, Anna {19m}, and Hope {nb}.
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