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    A place in which i am king and you are all my precious underlings.....

    Once again,here I am!

    ‘NAMING X,Y,Z' Form

    Genre of: Romance, Horror(I seem to like these), Slice-of-life.

    Time Period/Location:2015, New York(and the rest of the world).

    Brief Plot: In November of 2014, doctors discovered cliantha-a horrible disease that eats away at the brain muscle,
    and at a very fast pace. It successfully got rid of 70% of the human population, the only species it seemed to effect. In February of 2015, it was halted by a vaccine called amarantha-by March, it was required by law that one must get the vaccine as soon as the opportunity came. The vaccine's effects are estimated to last roughly a year. The majority of the population is now male, as the male's brain is 10% larger than the female brain, therefore having more woman die, and at a faster rate.

    Character 1:Luma ______ ______ _______

    Character Description: Sorta-kinda-not really average height(5-2). Curvy, dark brown hair and kind greenish-grey eyes. Pale and stocky. Luma is somewhat of an oddball, and her favorite word ever is "nope". She is ridiculously slow-minded, but in a more innocent kind of way. Full of awkward charm and extreme witty sarcasm, she's that friend who annoys you to death, but you still love her too much to get rid of her. Luma loves to make people uncomfortable, but knows when to stop(usually). She's very cheeky, while at the same time rather smart. However, she gets lonely and depressed easily, and nobody really wants to talk to her because of her usual scowl. Luma grew up with only a physically mute father, so she hates herself for always being depressed, as she is fully aware many have it worse than her. She is also somewhat cowardly, but tries to help as much as possible. Most of her past was full of trying to learn sign language and Morse code. Her father, Seneca(who's 30), has a minor case of psychosis(that gets more serious as the story progress's)killed her mother a little after she was born. Luma
    is of French, Spanish, Greek, and Swedish origin. She is 15.

    Who named the character: Her father, whom had a taste in whimsical words.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Her father, major character.

    Already Considered (if relevant): Nothing, really.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Anything hard to say(like Edelweiss).

    Anything else?: I want her to have a long last name, and her two middle names to be 1 to 3 syllables. Nothing common or familiar.

    Character 2: Equinox Cager Von _____

    Character Description: Extremely tall(6-9), very muscular, and quite tan. Shaggy, longish black hair that's a little above his shoulders, amber eyes. Equinox is passive and very laid back. He never worries about anything unless it concerns Luma or Character 3, both of whom he is completely smitten with. Despite seeming so casual, he actually
    has a huge God complex, which stems from coming out of a high class family(though he abandoned them, as they
    disapproved of his love for basketball). Equinox is an aspiring professional basketball player. His mother was verbally abusive, and his physically. Therefore, he see's everyone as a possible enemy and rarely lets his walls down. Equinox is of German and Scottish origin. He is 19.

    Who named the character: N/A.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): None.

    Already Considered (if relevant): None.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Scottish surnames-his father is German.

    Anything else?: N/A.

    Character 3: ______ Tensawa

    Character Description: Sorta short(5-8), but mostly fit. Lean, icy blue eyes, short, messy white-blonde hair. Olive toned, wide mouth. Tensawa is very morbid, and has a fascination with gouging peoples eyes out-though he's never actually done it. Oddly calm and collected, he gives of a strong vibe of maturity, despite only being 17. He's sadistic and even a little masochistic, and has no problem showing this off. However, Tensawa is loving and enjoys
    making people happy, even with his....quirks....I think. He lost his mother to cliantha, so his Russian father took on her last name in respect. He is Japanese-Russian.

    Who named the character: His father, whom had a soft spot for anything to do with wolves.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): His father, Kolya Tensawa.

    Already Considered (if relevant): None.

    Don’t Suggest These Names: Any Japanese name, as his father disliked many of them.

    Anything else?: Kolya traveled the world when he was young, so any name/word from any culture will do as long as they have some relation to wolves(or at least dogs). Kolya did not give his son a middle name, a nod to the Japanese tradition.

    Whoa! Okay, I know that the story and characters are pretty morbid, but having an RN(Registered Nurse,co-pilots of doctors) as a mother does stuff to ya....yes, I know, chill with the ideas bro! Sorry.
    Thank you!
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    Character 1: Just a small glitch: how can a character be slow minded and extremely witty / smart at the same time?

    Suggestions: Last names: Benilde, Venetia, Accalia, Acadiah, Zefera, Cosimus, Earlena, Eberhard, Paddington, Livingston, Edelin, Ephraim, Azariah, Delgado, Olympus.

    Middle Names: Oriole, Ophira, Dune, Moss, Snow, Lunette, Ginerva, Allegro, Callisto, Mab, Peridot (peh-ree-doh), Severine, Pania, Muse, Noor, Mim, Mitra, Fenella, Flannery, Fritzi, Gaius, Gala, Morwenna, Thalassa, Calypso, Hestia, Hesper, Vespera, Otto, Badger, Pascale, Pilar, Odetta, Zephyrine, Artio, Sen, Ursula.

    Character 2: Equinox Cager von
    Alfons, Alarich, Baldwin, Aurick, Augusten, Baldemar, Brahms, Cort, Claudius, Dinand, Fonso, Ferdinand, Gerrit, Gunther, Hackett, Barrett, Ignacius, Klemens, Keller, Klaus, Just, Luther.

    Character 3: Adas, Alek, Aronoa, Benedikt, Dimitre, Efrem, Danil, Eelia, Fedir, Ignati, Gervasi, Ilias, Ilya, Ivo, Viggo, Lars, Mitya, Motya, Oleg, Orel, Sasha, Misha, Tisha, Vitya, Vasily, Marino, Bram, Romulus, Ishmael, Absalom, Lazarus, Gunther, Radcliff.
    Camellia Edie, Mercy Annabelle, Elowen Lilac, Vesper Daisy, Shalom Alice, Bellamy Evangeline, Ivalo Honour.

    Guthrie Abe, Enoch Matthias, Moses Amzi, Amias Ezekiel, Ignatius Beau, Rufus Gardener, Asa Eden.

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    A place in which i am king and you are all my precious underlings.....

    To nooshi

    Her slowness comes from a lack of social skills; her intelligence allows to sorta get an idea of what's going on, at least until she can figure it out. Most of her wittiness is directed at her gently teasing herself.

    All your suggestions are wonderful, but I'm still a little hesitant, probably because I only just started writing.]

    Thank you!

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    A place in which i am king and you are all my precious underlings.....

    To lunacross

    Although your suggestion is lovely-I have a soft spot for all three names-I don't feel like it fits. Really sorry for being so picky, I'm naturally indecisive. But thank you anyway! I'll probably use it for another character.

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