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    Name Family Based On Description!

    I will describe the people and you name them based on their description!

    FAMILY 1

    DH: Quiet, reserved, often seen as harsh, but is loving inside. can't find how to express it.

    DW: High school science teacher. Introverted, insecure, yet cheery and kind. Always kind in demeanor but too shy to ask for help.

    DS: 15 years old. Fatalist, passionate. Determined to succeed. Intelligent. Avid Minecrafter. Leader. Bird lover.

    DD: 14 years old. Outgoing yet introverted. French horn player. Internet addict. Tomboy. Jokester. Immature for age.

    FAMILY 2

    DH: Mechanic. Funny. Stereotypical awkward dad. Lives in the past.

    DW: Middle school English teacher. Straightforward and outgoing. Truth teller. Humorous.

    DD: 19 years old. Spunky and outgoing. Hot pink hair. Theater kid. College student.

    DS: 13 years old. Known to be hilarious. Life of the party. Trombone player. Great at making friends.

    DS: 8 years old. Athletic. Shy. Smart and good at spelling. Likes to hang out with girls.

    FAMILY 3

    DH: Farmer. Awkward. Rich and invests money well. Street smart. Handy-man.

    DW: High school agriculture teacher. Outgoing. Pregnant with B/G twins. Funny and awkward. Simple life.

    DS: 5 years old. Trouble maker. Talkative. Seen as mean and needy. Ginger hair. Unintentionally hilarious.

    DS: 2 years old. Quiet. Knows what is best. Follows older brother around everywhere. Loves to eat new foods.

    DS/DD: Unborn twins!

    Hope you enjoyed naming these families! Tell me what I could do better next time!

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