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    Name Family Based On Description!

    I will describe the people and you name them based on their description!

    FAMILY 1

    DH: Quiet, reserved, often seen as harsh, but is loving inside. can't find how to express it.

    DW: High school science teacher. Introverted, insecure, yet cheery and kind. Always kind in demeanor but too shy to ask for help.

    DS: 15 years old. Fatalist, passionate. Determined to succeed. Intelligent. Avid Minecrafter. Leader. Bird lover.

    DD: 14 years old. Outgoing yet introverted. French horn player. Internet addict. Tomboy. Jokester. Immature for age.

    FAMILY 2

    DH: Mechanic. Funny. Stereotypical awkward dad. Lives in the past.

    DW: Middle school English teacher. Straightforward and outgoing. Truth teller. Humorous.

    DD: 19 years old. Spunky and outgoing. Hot pink hair. Theater kid. College student.

    DS: 13 years old. Known to be hilarious. Life of the party. Trombone player. Great at making friends.

    DS: 8 years old. Athletic. Shy. Smart and good at spelling. Likes to hang out with girls.

    FAMILY 3

    DH: Farmer. Awkward. Rich and invests money well. Street smart. Handy-man.

    DW: High school agriculture teacher. Outgoing. Pregnant with B/G twins. Funny and awkward. Simple life.

    DS: 5 years old. Trouble maker. Talkative. Seen as mean and needy. Ginger hair. Unintentionally hilarious.

    DS: 2 years old. Quiet. Knows what is best. Follows older brother around everywhere. Loves to eat new foods.

    DS/DD: Unborn twins!

    Hope you enjoyed naming these families! Tell me what I could do better next time!

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    family 2:

    DH: Joey Michael

    DW: Shannon Elizabeth

    DD: Jaimie Grace

    DS: Chance Matthew

    DS: Wyatt Gregory

    Family 3

    DH: Larry Neil

    DW: Nellie Mae

    DS: Austin Gregory

    DS: Carson Dylan

    DS/DD: Delilah Rae/ Roman Cyrus

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    FAMILY 1

    DH: John Martin
    DW: Elspeth Jane

    DS: Ivor Manning
    DD: Orla Darby

    FAMILY 2

    DH: Francis Jordy "Frank"
    DW: Emily Irene

    DD: Daria Eloise

    DS: Oliver Francis

    DS: Charles Graham

    FAMILY 3

    DH: Denby Edward

    DW: Maria Renee

    DS: Edgar Giles

    DS: Russell Owen

    DS/DD: Marcus Jude/Katherine Louise

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    FAMILY 1

    DH: Charles Peter

    DW: Jennifer 'Jennie' Marie
    DS: Peter 'Pete' Matthew
    DD: Poppy Marie

    Charles, Jennie, Pete and Poppy.

    FAMILY 2

    DH: Ian James

    DW: Teresa 'Tessa / Tess' Rose

    DD: Andra 'Andy' Martine

    DS: Edison 'Eddie / Ed' John
    DS: Lemuel 'Lem' Miles

    Ian, Tessa, Andy, Ed and Lem.

    FAMILY 3

    DH: Joseph 'Joe' Mark
    DW: Crystal 'Chrissie' Anne
    DS: Ethan Joseph
    DS: Owen Sean
    DS/DD: Miller Kyle and Evie Anne
    Camellia Edie, Mercy Annabelle, Elowen Lilac, Vesper Daisy, Shalom Alice, Bellamy Evangeline, Ivalo Honour.

    Guthrie Abe, Enoch Matthias, Moses Amzi, Amias Ezekiel, Ignatius Beau, Rufus Gardener, Asa Eden.

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