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    Middle name help

    What do you think of Cressida Miranda Ophelia?
    I think its too much Shakespeare. My husband is in favour regardless.

    Cressida has a special connection for us, so accepting that as set.
    Ophelia is second choice, so favourite as a middle.
    Miranda is my husband's love. I am happy with it as a middle but just worry it's too much and would like to present some alternatives for consideration.

    I always have been a Shakespeare fan but Cr~ M~ O~ is making me feel the name is far too "contrived"/ too try hard - I would really appreciate your alternate suggestions for one different middle name.
    Mine all seem to make awful initials or don't flow. I am hoping you will help.

    We have come up with lovely flowing favorite names but when we see Cressida or Ophelia we feel regret and now think we should perservere.
    Thank you in advance.
    Charlotte Ophelia ♦ Juliet Marie ♦ Penelope ‘Poppy’ Sienna ♦ Camilla Marguerite

    Georgia Mary Augusta ♦. Victoria Charlotte Rose

    Perr Caballero ♣ Romeo Lysander Thor Wellander Julian Wilder

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