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    Girls: 1. Jemima 2. Signe 3. Jessamine 4. Rosalind 5. Matilda 6. Teresa nn Tessa 7. Anaïs 8. Saskia 9. Eleanor 10. Solveig
    Boys: 1. Jasper 2. Otto 3. Thorin 4. Björn 5. Fabian 6. Sebastian 7. Felix 8. Abel 9. Sören 10. Gabriel
    Fave Combos: Rosalind Eloise and Gabriel Otto

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    Name Family Based On Description!
    I will describe the people and you name them based on their description!

    FAMILY 1

    DH: Anthony Heinz White.

    DW: Rachael Grace nee May.

    DS: Derrick Heinz White.

    DD: Carrie May White.

    FAMILY 2

    DH: Frank Stanley Jessup.

    DW: Candace Emma nee Trent.

    DD: Cerise Emma Jessup.

    DS: Finnegan "Finn" Trent Jessup.

    DS: Nathaniel "Nacy" Stanley Jessup.

    FAMILY 3

    DH: Bevan James Chapman.

    DW: Della Rose nee Warren.

    DS: Nicholas "Nick" Bevan Chapman.

    DS: Warwick "Wicky" James Chapman.

    DS/DD: Dominic "Domic" Warren Chapman and Rosalie "Rosie" Della Chapman.

    Hope you enjoyed naming these families! Tell me what I could do better next time!

    It was a lot of fun but could you please explain what you mean by awkward as you used the term three times?

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