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Thread: 14 Girls

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    Oh yeah - I’m winging this one as well!!! FUN, FUN, FUN... PS: a lot of these are on my GP list but heck - if I had this many girls they probably wouldn’t be. lol.

    Twins: Illyria Josephine & Merida Hippolyte
    Triplets: Endora Prudence, Lorelei Haven, & Jubilee Eirene
    Quads: Helen Petunia, Ofelia Rosalie, Esme Margerite, & Violet Eloise
    Quints: Hestia Noelle, Minerva Piper, Freyja Sophie, Kalayna la Faye, & Araminta Hathor
    Little Lorelei - May 2016
    Endora - Freya - Merida - Viola - Zelda
    Dexter - Felix - Gideon - Hendrik - Victor
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    Favorites atm...
    Vendela Lise Ophelia-Leonore Hilda Elisabet-Athena Majken Linnea
    Elsa Majken Linnea-Penny Hilda Elisabet-Kira Lise Ophelia

    Viggo Sven Lennart-Elliot Per Mikael-Alvin Filip Walo
    Vincent Per Mikael-Tristan Sven Lennart-Caspian Filip Valentin

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    J. 20. Designer.

    Edith Primrose. Eira Rosemary. Poppy Matilda. Sylvie Primrose. Vera Forentina.
    Elliot Christian. Julian Theodore. Vincent Orion. Walter Edmund.

    also considering...
    Anna Soleil. Jane Leonora. Rose Evangeline.
    Annevieve Claire Claudia Cressida Evangeline Guinevere Gwyneira Leora Marguerite Susan
    Atlas August Darcy Donovan Edmund Jasper Jude Loren Theoden Vaughn Willem Winston

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    Twins: Martha Felicity & Ella May (boring, I know)
    Triplets: Lottie Beatrice, Elsie Jemima & Betsy Eleanor
    Quads: Holly Evelyn, Violet Meredith, Daisy Rebekah & Poppy Isabelle
    Quints: Lacey Harriet, Georgia Lily, Tilly Annabelle, Gracie Matilda & Madelyn Jessica.

    Martha, Ella, Lottie, Elsie, Betsy, Holly, Violet, Daisy, Poppy, Lacey, Georgia, Tilly, Gracie & Madelyn

    Those are the only ones I can think of right now, haha.

    desirae alyssa ✿ stephanie abigail ✿ melissa jayde ✿ tiffany isabella ✿ lindsey olivia ✿ heather amelia ✿ shayla lily ✿ kelly christina
    aaron jacob ✿ michael james ✿ andrew lucas ✿ jake william ✿ chandler robert ✿ adam hunter ✿ matthew parker ✿ zachary daniel

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