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    Questioning our fave name - 1 week until due date

    Hello Berries!

    My hubs and I have had our daughter's name picked out since January and we have decided since then not to share it with anyone, even our families It instantly felt right when we agreed on it, and have had many crazy "signs" since then making it seem fate. With our long Serbian last name, we wanted a first name that sounded just as pretty as the last, without feeling too heavy.

    Favorite name: Penelope Kay Winovich (Matches the many personalities we imagine her having)
    Back up name: Vera Marie Winovich (Vera has Serbian roots - but we worry this sounds too plain for us)

    Now that we are a week from our due date, we are starting to have name anxiety. We love Penelope so much, but haven't had any opinions on it. For the purpose of this thread I am interested and open to hear any advice or even suggestions.

    Thanks Berries,
    Kristin and Peter

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    Penelope Kay is gorgeous, feminine and classic. I love the spunky, retro and unexpected Kay in the middle. Penelope is one of my very favourite names.

    I really like Vera too, but it seems that you and your husband both love Penelope, and feel that it would be a good choice for many reasons. I expect that it would be natural to have cold-feet about a name right before baby arrives.

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    I like it. Nice choice!

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    Beautiful! Wonderful! Fantastic! Love it!!!!!! Don't change a thing!

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    Thank you for the replies! My husband and I are already feeling our anxieties lifting on both names I guess we just need to see her and decide!

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