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    Name: Parker Rose

    Spouse: Your spouse is a kind person that loves their kids (and you) a lot. Their family is the center of their universe, and they are always dragging the kids and you to a family reunion. They also own a small store downtown, and they love to have the kids around the store. They have blue eyes and jet-black hair. (gender is based on your preferred gender for a spouse).
    Name: Oliver Harley

    Daughter: (20) Your oldest daughter is a beautiful, spunky girl. She has her dad's hair and bright green eyes. She is always working at the store, but is lately thinking of taking a semester abroad at her college. As an amazing artist, she has painted pictures of all of her siblings' favorite things. She loves to babysit everyone, but don't think you can get a hold of her on a Friday night!
    Name: Lydia Gwendolyn

    Son: (18) Your first son is a sports fanatic. He can't go a minute without going outside and throwing a ball with his little siblings. He has brown curls and blue eyes. He also got a sports scholarship to North Carolina State, so he'll be moving out next fall. He also has a girlfriend who you've seen at dinner a few times, but you've never really gotten to talk to because he thinks you'll "embarrass him."
    Name: Beau Jasper
    Girlfriend's name: Ava Jane

    Son: (15) Your third kid has straight blond hair and freckles. He loves to read and looks up to his older sister. He's pretty shy, though. He would stay up in his room forever if he wasn't forced to work at the store and go to school. He gets good grades and is very quiet around everyone - even you! But when he talks, he always says something insightful. He will have a good time hanging out with his siblings, but he prefers staying in his room to movie night.
    Name: Elliott Mattias

    Daughter: (13) This chatterbox is almost the opposite of her brother! She loves to talk - and when she's not talking, she's texting. Her phone is always buzzing and her friends are always coming over for a sleepover. You probably know every thirteen year old in town thanks to her! She has long black hair that is always beautifully done and blue eyes (just like her dad!) She also loves singing and is a big part of her chorus.
    Name: Vivienne Alice

    Daughter: (10) She loves to hang out with all of her siblings, even when they have homework to do. But she really loves to spend time with her father more than anyone else. She has blond hair just like her brother, but the same green eyes as her oldest sister. This girl can't wait until she's old enough to work at the shop, and you suspect she will take over the business. Her room is painted pink, and her sister has painted a beautiful mural of her favorite things - horses! You take her to riding lessons every Friday, and she is currently begging you for a horse.
    Name: Paisley Mecca

    Son/Son: (7) Your twin boys are adorable little troublemakers, with brown curls and freckles. They are attached at the hip, and they're identical. Sometimes even you can't tell them apart! They are always bugging their oldest brother to toss a ball around with them. They are also currently into bugs. They catch them and put the poor things in a cage for weeks on end. You think that it's just a phase, but you never know! One of them might become a famous entomologist!
    Names: Nigel Maverick and Ash Holden

    Daughter: (4) This little girl loves lip gloss and Barbie, but she loves her oldest sister even more. She always wants to make art just like her. She looks like a doll, with beautiful round green eyes and adorable freckles that make her black hair look so pretty! She can talk almost as much as her 13-year-old sister, but she can and will run around with the twins (but don't think she'll touch the bugs- ick!). She is constantly saying that when she grows up, she wants to be an artist, just like your oldest daughter.
    Name: Harlow June

    Son/Daughter/Daughter: (newborn) Your triplets are adorable little things. They all have blue eyes and no hair. You don't know them very well yet, but you know that your other kids love to hold them!
    Names: Hayes Judah, Sailor Luna and Dallas Miriam

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    You: Fern Augusta

    Spouse: John Marius

    Daughter: Jane Augusta (20)
    Son: Henry Oliver (18)
    Son: Charles Frederick (15)
    Daughter: May Penelope (13)
    Daughter: Rose Wilhelmina (10)
    Son/Son: Owen Malachi/Miles Gideon (7)
    Daughter: Ann Lucinda (4)
    Son/Daughter/Daughter: Graham Barnaby/Beth Katherine/Tess Josephine (newborn)

    Fern and John Breckenridge-Wright with Jane, Henry, Charles, May, Rose, Owen, Miles, Ann, Graham, Beth, and Tess.

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    Rhode Island

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    Me: Florence Emma
    My husband: Jared Callum

    DD (20): Blair Cathryn
    DS (18): Jude Graham, dating Sophia Collier
    DS (15): Callum Ethan
    DD (13): Emilia Peyton
    DD (10): Hayley Louisa
    DS/DS (7): Landon James / Jasper Logan
    DD (4): Aria Elizabeth
    DS/DD/DD: Ezra Rhys / Keira Rose / Posey Reese
    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    DW: Elena Noelle
    DH: Cole Matthew

    DD(20): Clarissa Jade
    DS(18): Nathan Drew
    ~GF: Ellis Macy
    DS(15): Soren Everett
    DD(13): Aria Lorelei
    DD(10): Carlotta Madeleine
    DS/DS(7): Declan Alec / Colton Xavier
    DD(4): Sienna Katie
    DS/DD/DD(newborn): Caleb Micah / Juliet Kaiya / Isabelle Cora

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