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    Initials to make a nickname?

    What I mean is basically this: Senna Abigail Marie nn Sam or Ashlyn Rebecca Isis nn Ari?

    Vote on my list!

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    I prefer Ari.
    Thoughts in this thread?

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    Cora | Gemma |Adalind | Arya
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    Some other name combos are

    Axis Indio Mathew AIM
    Elsaleen Lilac Margret ELM
    Jane Ella Marian JEM
    Condor Anne Rene CAR
    Marvel Arther Nate MAN (Manny)
    Lana Iris Lilly LIL
    Agnes Addison Land AAL

    I wrote a book with characters with those names!
    Well, good luck
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    Boys names: Copper, Cobalt, Axis, Lake, and Uriah
    (PS. Sorry if i spelt something wrong...)

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