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    DH: July September
    DW: November Christmas *Nova*
    DS: Augustus Midnight *Augie*
    DS: Mars Friday
    DD: October Spring *Toby*
    DD: Holiday Avril *Holi*
    DD: Sunday Summer *Sunny*
    DD: Evening Satsuki *Evie*
    Ansel Grayer, Bodhi Coven, Elliot Denali, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Rafferty, Foster Knox, Jethro Merrick, Julian Everest, Koa Phoenix, Otto Pacey, Seaton Milo, Serephin Matteo, Shepherd Kellan, Theodore Viggo
    Anthea Fife, Caitrin Meadow, Callie Rue Eliza, Esmae Regina Poet, Farley Selene, Gaia Winter Maren, Hazel Verity Bliss, Kendra Hollow, Linnea Echo, Oona Maple, Phoebe Calla, Rosalind Vale, Rowena Fate, Sage Mirabai, Scarlet Macey

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    DH: Midnight Janvier
    DW: Holiday March

    DS: Mars December
    DS: Augustus Satsuki
    DD: September Mai
    DD: Solstice Avril
    DD: Summer July
    DD: Saturday Spring

    Mid and Holly with
    Mars, Gus, Tem, Sol, Summer, and Day
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    Rhode Island
    DH: Janvier Augustus Harken.
    DW: Summer Solstice Harken.

    DS: March Satsuki Harken.
    DS: August October Harken.
    DD: Wednesday Winter Harken.
    DD: Avril Autumn Harken.
    DD: Mai December Harken.
    DD: Juilet Holiday Harken.

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    DH: Satsuki August
    DW: May Solstice

    DS: Augustus Friday
    DS: October Holiday "Toby"
    DD: Sunday Easter
    DD: November Afternoon "Novi"
    DD: Winter January
    DD: Morning Day

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