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    Dylan, Declyn, Devin Sibset

    What do you think of the Sibset Dylan (girl), Declyn (boy) and Devin (girl)?
    Dylie, Dec and Dev for Nn
    To sound alike?
    My husband is an all B Sibset:
    Bradley, Becky and Brittney
    Thought it might be keeping with family tradition.
    All Irish names too with lovely meanings, "of the sea", "man of prayer" and "poet".

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    They're a bit matchy for my tastes....and I like matchy generally. I like sibsets that start with the same letter. I'm not a fan of Dylan on a girl though, even though I don't mind Devin on a girl (still prefer it on a boy).

    The only name I don't like is Declyn, lyn is girly to me and Dec reminds me of dick.

    How about Donovan and Devin? Or Deagan and Delilah? Or Dylan and Donny?
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