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Thread: Avelot?

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    Avelot was mentioned in the "Medievalizing a Name" post- does anyone know anything about this name? I haven't found any information on my own.

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    Don't like it! Sounds too much like "have a lot"

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    Thanks for your feedback! I'm not sure that the t is pronounced- I think it might be said like "merlot." So my best guess at pronunciation is ahv-uh-low, but I really don't know!

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    Behind the Name Sleuthing

    I found on Behind the Name that the Ancient Germanic name Avila (F) is claimed to be where Aveline/Avelina and even Evelyn derive from. Here's what it said in regards to meaning:

    "Derived from the Germanic element avi, of unknown meaning, possibly 'desired.'"

    Ávila is also a town in Spain, and Aveline reportedly means hazelnut.

    A contributor for the name Ave (M) said:

    "Ave is usually said to be a short form of names that contained the Old Norse element âlfr (alb in Old High German) 'elf' - but this cannot be said with certainty. The name might be related to Gothic aviliud 'thanks.'"

    According to a different contributor, Ave (F) is Latin for "hail" as in "Hail Mary" and is also the Estonian variant of Ava or Eva.

    BTN also said Lot (M) was an "Arthurian Romance" name. Here's a quote regarding possible origin:

    "From the name of the region of Lothian in southern Scotland, of unknown meaning."


    Other than that, I have zero ideas. Perhaps it's related to Elizabeth or Adalheidis or something? :/ Maybe I'll do more digging later. This is so fun, like a puzzle or a mystery.
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    Great sleuthing, alexandrianscrolls! Aveline was my first thought, but I just couldn't find Avelot! I'm still curious about the pronunciation, though...

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