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    Animated Movie Name Quiz

    Pick your favorite movie from each list to name your children.
    *I edited after publishing to add choices*

    Daughter 1 FN:
    Howl's Moving Castle - Sophie, Lettie, or Madge
    How to Train Your Dragon - Astrid, Kristen, or Cate
    Frozen - Anna, Elsa, or Idina
    Peter Pan - Wendy, Lily, or Kathryn
    Haven't seen any of these - Clare, Willow, or Piper

    Daughter 1 MN:
    Bolt - Penny, Miley, or Mindy
    Beauty and the Beast - Belle, Paige, or Angela
    Wreck It Ralph - Vanellope, Mary, or Deanna
    The Wind Rises - Emily, Eva, or Jennifer
    Haven't seen any of these - Juliet, Rosalie, or Lydia

    Son 1 FN:
    Monsters' Inc. - Sullivan, Michael, or Randall
    Cars - Hudson, Luigi, or Paul
    The Little Mermaid - Eric, Sebastian, or Christopher
    Spirited Away - Jason, David, or Bo
    Haven't seen any of these: Weston, Riley, or Quentin

    Son 1 MN:
    Toy Story - Andrew, Rex, or Sid
    Mulan - Donald, Edward, or Lee
    101 Dalmatians - Jasper, Roger, or Daniel
    Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron - Murphy, Matthew, or Jacob
    Haven't seen any of these - Abraham, Gideon, or Ezra

    Daughter 2 FN:
    Cinderella - Ella, Anastasia, Eleanor
    The Prince of Egypt - Miriam, Sandra, Helen
    The Swan Princess - Odette, Elizabeth, or Uberta
    Thumbelina - Tabitha, Lina, or Jodi
    Haven't seen any of these - Esther, Chelsea, or Grace

    Daughter 2 MN:
    My Neighbor Totoro - May, Dakota, or Elle
    Sleeping Beauty - Aurora, Rose, or Flora
    Charlotte's Web - Fern, Charlotte, or Debra
    Summer Wars - Rika, Naomi, or Brina
    Haven't seen any of these - Hazel, Beatrice, or Paisley

    Son 2 FN:
    Anastasia - Dimitri, Nicholas, or Vladimir
    Rise of the Guardians - Jack, Caleb, or Hugh
    The Lion King - Matthew, Jeremy, or Nathan
    Tangled - Flynn, Eugene, or Rider
    Haven't seen any of these - Asa, Isaac, or David

    Son 2 MN:
    The Secret of Kells - Brendan, Aiden, or Evan
    Treasure Planet - James, Joseph, or John
    A Goofy Movie - Max, Peter, or Lester
    Iron Giant - Hogarth, Dean, or Eli
    Haven't seen any of these - William, Chance, or Paul

    Daughter 3 FN:
    Wolf Children - Hana, Lydia, or Colleen
    The Rescuers - Bianca, Michelle, or Geraldine
    Tarzan - Jane, Kala, or Rosie
    Wall-E - Eve, Elissa, or Mary
    Haven't seen any of these - Georgiana, Felicity, or Celeste

    Daughter 3 MN:
    A Bug's Life - Dot, Hayden, or Atta
    Balto - Jenna, Bridget, or Sylvie
    One Piece: Strong World - Robin, Lucy, or Stephanie
    Shrek - Fiona, Cameron, or Kathleen
    Haven't seen any of these - Ainsley, Morgan, or Gwen
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    DD1: Astrid Belle
    DS1: Jason Andrew "Jace"
    DD2: Miriam Rika
    DS2: Matthew James "Matt"
    DD3: Jane Jenna "J.J."

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