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    z nicknames for elisabeth?

    I really love the look of Elisabeth more than Elizabeth because it looks more soft and girly. but the nn Liza is so much cuter than Lisa. Same with Liz is nicer than Lis. Do you think it would be odd if i used Liza even if the name is Elisabeth with an S?

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    I think it is fine. I know an Elizabeth who goes by Zibby.
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    I agree, there's nothing wrong with it.

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    I think it's fine. I've never met an Elisabeth with an "S"--only Elizabeths with "Z"s!--but Elisabeth is by far my favorite spelling, and I would easily have opted for Eliza or Izzy as a nn for it (although I probably would have sprung for Issy rather than Izzy, just because I like it more). I think Liza is more of a stretch--maybe because it doesn't have that beginning "El" to tie it to the original Elisabeth?--but Elisabeth nn Liza still could work, I think. I think Elisabeth nn Lizzie's adorable, too. I've really grown to love Lizzie.

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    I think it's fine. I don't really draw much distinction between Elizabeth and Elisabeth to begin with, so I think both Elisabeth nn Lizzie/Zibby or Elizabeth nn Lissa/Bess are totally okay.

    When both spellings are accepted as classics, you can probably use any spelling nickname (same would go for Catherine/Katherine nn Cat/Kate/Cath/Kitty)
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