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    I'm finally trying to come up with some combos for my list, but I'd like some outside input or advice -- particularly for the name Aurora. Any middle name suggestions would be great; two middle names or alliteration is totally fine . *With Aurora, I'm really liking:

    ~ German
    ~ Greek
    ~ Nature
    ~ Celtic
    ~ and French names

    Such as:

    Aurora Daphne
    Aurora Delphine
    Aurora Eleni
    Aurora Elodie
    Aurora Gretel
    Aurora Hazel
    Aurora Mathilde (or Aurora Matilda)
    Aurora Niamh
    Aurora Sunniva
    Aurora Vivienne

    I love the "Eve" sound as well, along with many plant names (Laurel, Willow, etc.).

    *I especially like German and Celtic names with it, as they carry that earthy, fairy tale feel to them.

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    Aurora Clementine
    Aurora Madeleine
    Aurora Ophélie
    Aurora Adèle
    Aurora Alice (ah-lees)
    Aurora Aline (ah-leen)
    Aurora Amélie
    Aurora Anais
    Aurora Annabelle
    Aurora Apolline
    Aurora Augustine
    Aurora Bernadette
    Aurora Bernadine
    Aurora Camille
    Aurora Celeste / Celestine / Celine
    Aurora Colette / Cosette
    Aurora Eloise
    Aurora Emilienne
    Aurora Emmanuelle
    Aurora Eulalie
    Aurora Eveline
    Aurora Felicienne
    Aurora Fleur
    Aurora Florentine
    Aurora Helene
    Aurora Isabelle
    Aurora Juliette
    Aurora Leone / Leontine / Leopoldine
    Aurora Lucie / Lucette / Lucienne / Lucillie / Lucinde
    Aurora Ludivine
    Aurora Maelle / Maelys
    Aurora Marianne
    Aurora Melisande
    Aurora Micheline
    Aurora Odette
    Aurora Odile
    Aurora Olivie
    Aurora Philomène
    Aurora Sidonie
    Aurora Violette

    Aurora Adele (a-deh-le)
    Aurora Adelina
    Aurora Agathe (a-gah-te)
    Aurora Alena
    Aurora Alida
    Aurora Amalia
    Aurora Anneliese
    Aurora Auguste
    Aurora Beatrix
    Aurora Cordula
    Aurora Crescentia
    Aurora Elisabeth
    Aurora Elma
    Aurora Else
    Aurora Felizitas / Felicitas
    Aurora Franziska
    Aurora Frieda
    Aurora Gisa
    Aurora Grete
    Aurora Hedwig
    Aurora Helmine / Helma
    Aurora Henrike
    Aurora Henriette
    Aurora Hermine
    Aurora Ida
    Aurora Ilsa
    Aurora Johanna
    Aurora Jette
    Aurora Katharina
    Aurora Katinka
    Aurora Katrin
    Aurora Lene
    Aurora Leonore
    Aurora Liesel
    Aurora Lotte / Lotta
    Aurora Marlene
    Aurora Margareta
    Aurora Mathilda
    Aurora Nele
    Aurora Odilie
    Aurora Ottilie
    Aurora Pauline
    Aurora Selma
    Aurora Sonja
    Aurora Svenja
    Aurora Valeska
    Aurora Wilma

    Most of these sound very old to my ears but I'm not sure what German names you're looking for.
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    if you like alliteration I think Aurora Ashling (or a variation on Ashling) would be lovely. It means a dream or vision and would both sound nice and go well with Aurora.

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    Maybe Aurora Genevieve?

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